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Aug 4, 2016 | Prosperity

frida kahlo from sister golden shop

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Frida Kahlo was my first hero at 12 years old when I came across stories about her printed in magazines and later begged to see her art in museums before I could go alone. The first art book I ever owned was her biography from Hayden Herrera.  The first time I went out into the world to New york City on my own, I imagined I was as fierce and confident as her.

She owned every single part of herself 100,000%, unapologetic and yet very clear and true.  She challenged every standard of her society… her art was sexually charged and raised eyebrows, her sexuality did the same, she chose to dress androgynously, she was openly promoting of her talents in an era where women didn’t all claim that voice…

Every adversity she met she turned into art.  Every truth of her being that was in conflict with “popular views” was held high and not hid away.

I’ve come to think, in my own view, that her true genius came from owning her whole self. 100,000%.

If you’ve ever wondered why you attract certain types of relationships, certain types of conflicts and make certain decisions constantly that are “so unlike you” and unlike everything you believe in, there’s some facinating psychology that can shed some light on the “why”… and help you to stop doing it!

We all love to talk about loving ourselves, but the big deal is “loving all our selves”, even the facets of our personality that are less-than-becoming, less-than-savvy and less-than-sweet!  We’re complex beings but when we decide to own ALL of ourself- judgement-free- we can make big leaps in living with less discord and so much more harmony.

mandala from urban outfitters

(urban outfitters mandala)

Today, my sister & numerologist Nicole Claudat, explores Hal and Sidra Stone’s philosophy of embracing all our selves in order to truly change the way that life flows for the better!

“Our mind is multi-dimensional and full of sub-personalities that emerge through out our lives. We have many individual selves that each perform a specific function and carry different specific emotions and physiological reactions.

During our infancy we are completely vulnerable, typically relying on our mothers, fathers, grandparents or caretakers to provide us with the necessities of nourishment, shelter, clothing and emotional support.   At this point the inner child personality is born. This child never matures, yet a personality emerges, which is it’s Protector.

This Protector/Controller personality helps our inner child make sense of the world. It helps the inner child understand right from wrong and categorizes the world (behaviours, emotions, situations) to make it easier to process. It helps us make sense of a really complicated world. This teaches us how our actions elicit reactions or how certain situations are not healthy and can be damaging.

As we grow up, we gain new personalities, each helping us get by in our society. There can be the Pleaser who wants to make everyone around them content and happy, the Pusher that enhances our drive to succeed, complete projects, and get things done, or the Perfectionist that is never satisfied. These are just a few.

When we’re young, we also develop an Inner Critic. This is the personality that safe guards our decisions and actions. It is extremely useful when we are children, venturing off into the world, but over time it can become our worst enemy. It is the personality that, as adults, makes you feel not good enough and really judgmental of yourself.

Our “ego” is our Protector and it has many other selves or personalities surrounding it.   The ego creates these other selves in ways to enhance our life…it’s our protection. Some people’s circumstances lend them to be too much of a Pleaser and Vulnerable, rather than a Pusher and Perfectionist.

Disowned Selves are personalities the subject could be repressing. We identify with our primary selves- the way in which we view the world- and we judge our disowned selves.

The interesting way of looking at our personality through this modality is it that helps us understand why we judge people and why we attract certain enemies and toxic relationships.

It’s not “like us” to do it, but yet we do it because it’s like a diswoned part of ourselves that we’re not pleased about and like to ignore.

The best way to figure out what primary selves you have going on, it to first look at the selves you have disowned.   Ask yourself, “Who is most likely to make me upset or angry?” What behaviors do you judge about people?” Most likely, these characteristics are your disowned personalities and according to Hal and Sidra Stone, they will keep rearing their heads in the form of bad relationships, enemies, etc, until you learn to own these selves as your own.

integrating your personality from The Tao of Dana

The Psychology of Selves is a way to understand the evolution of your consciousness.

  1. Awareness

This is our non-judgmental observations and insight.

  1. Experience of Selves

This is the actual experience of the self and the experience of energy patterns. If you are expressing anger, but refuse to admit that you are angry, consciousness…and this area will be blocked.

  1. The Aware Ego

The aware ego is a state of action. It is how we make our choices. It is our ability to make distinctions between our primary selves and embrace and welcome our disowned selves.

Hal and Sidra Stone have mapped out this way of viewing our minds in order to enhance people’s lives and relationships. Here’s more on this awesome philosophy!

For more understand of their work, you can start here.

What an incredible way to love your whole self even more!

At home you can look at this idea of integration of “all your selves” when you wonder:

Why am I so organized at work but my home is a mess?

Why do I leave things unfinished when I love to finish things?

Why do I thrive on color but my whole home has no color?

Why do I deprive myself of art?

Why is so much fun lacking even though I believe it’s important?

And so many more questions… all can trace back to aspects of yourself that can be claimed, owned, healed and brought into thriving abundance with acceptance!

xoxo Dana

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