7 Simple Ways To Set Up Your Space For Success!

Aug 8, 2016 | Prosperity

set up for success

Are you set up for success today?

These ducks are all cleaning, fluffing, well-fed and ready to have a big day.  They are my pace-setter this morning!

Here are some simple ways to set up your space- and yourself!- to have more creative breakthroughs and success every day!

When, a few years back, Marilu Henner had me on her radio show, she talked about being set up for success.  The simplest of energy rituals I was promoting back then (back when sage wands were a weird thing to talk about!) were a big item of fascination to support the very practical advice she teaches and shares to create more success in life.

I love the idea of setting-yourself-up-for-success because, essentially, when you remove all the blocks and disorder from a space, you are setting yourself up for more abundance.

Simple, simple, simple.

Here are seven of the simplest ways to set yourself up for success:

1. Keep the pantry and fridge stocked with the food that will make you feel alive and vibrant so you aren’t scrambling to get whatever convenience snack is at work or grab-able at the last minute that is filled with all the stuff that depresses your energy.  If you’re eating something and, at the same time, feeling guilty for it… you are feeding yourself guilt! Lose the guilt and instead load up on the foods that message you happiness and radiance… and if you indulge, that’s totally fine, just don’t take on the negative emotions.  A few donuts or glasses of wine can be your version of balance in an otherwise vibrant week of nourishment!

2. Plan your wardrobe the night before.  Yes, I’m not kidding.  I have wasted so much time in the morning throwing on ten different dresses (have you?!) and when I went back to the old school trick of planning outfits in advance, wow, it’s so much fun.  I started wearing jewelry again, so many more accessories, so much more fun because I wasn’t adding all these choices to the morning. (Decision fatigue is a real thing, so don’t waste your decisions on the shoes you want to wear :))

home energy makeover

3.  Do some space clearing every day if you’re very busy.  Even opening windows clears the invisible static from air to some degree.  Your ideas will swim freely in the fresh air!

4. Make a list before you do anything!  Some people are so gifted that they don’t need lists, but to get to that level of mental order and clarity, starting to make lists makes a big difference.I can’t really function in my own brilliance until I have a fruit-filled breakfast and a cup of tea (preferably something awesome like a strong green or a cup of magic from Moon Juice!)

5. Make sure you’ve got your tools.  If you’re missing anything vital: memory cards for your camera, a car phone charger, a solid internet connection, paint if you’re a painter, floral wire if you’re a florist… you’re going to be behind and struggling to get things done.  Gather up your tools so you can really flow with your day.

6. Stop walking past things that need attention.  “I’m too busy to do…” isn’t a good message to send.  If you notice a relationship, a home project, your sleep schedule of anything else requires your attention, take the time.  This is hugely important!

7. Get clear on your version of success!  I posted this Vision Board video but adding it here again in case you missed it:

Optimizing and energizing = expansion and abundance!!!

Plus… it’s so much more fun to accomplish more in less time of the things that have to be done and have much more time for total pure downtime…!

Set yourself up for success and more success will come i all ways.

xoxo Dana

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