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Aug 11, 2016 | Creativity


If you’re a big “do-er” as well as a dreamer- and you have really strong intention  (*I know for a fact that a lot of you do) it can be daunting when this mysterious situation happens:

Things don’t go as planned.

Even with the greatest expectations, the best intention, the coolest vision, the highest energy and the most work it’s not quite the way you want it to be.

Isn’t that the opposite of what’s supposed to happen? Shouldn’t it be all ease, all grace, all flow, all perfect outcomes?

Today’s Feng Shui is all about steering things that haven’t quite reached the level of awesomeness that you hoped to see already onto a trajectory of bigger-bigger-bigger and better-better-better!  

chaos before order

Whether you’ve hit a literal roadblock, a disappointment, you’ve steered off course, you lost your groove or feel like your magic has gone away… it hasn’t.

When things fall short of the dream – (or totally black out, and the dream feels lost)- there’s a chance to become so much stronger, more clear, more focused and more on track.

Outcomes typically match the energy that you put behind them… meaning: if you make really great efforts you tend to get greater results. But…things aren’t always A-to-B simple in a straight line. As Julia Cameron explains in talking about prosperity, you can shake an apple tree really hard to harvest apples and then find a bushel of oranges.

First: Realize the awesome work you’ve done will be rewarded. (*even if it doesn’t seem like it!) 

If you’ve shaken that apple tree, (i.e.: invested heavily in a job, did incredible work toward a goal, created so big and saw very little response… ), and no apples feel down to reward you, let’s start with the idea that the bushel of oranges is coming.

You might not always see the direct results of all your efforts in a straight line. Cause & Effect isn’t that instant in every instance. If it were, we’d never see people with bad intentions seeing to prosper. Or, every negative thought you had would produce an instant bad result. We all know that’s thankfully not the case!

So, if you’ve sunk a whole lot of hear and soul into creating something and it’s underwhelming, sit in the truth that this energy will come back to you from somewhere in some way.

That’s a good starting point.

Stay in the light side of things: If you can refuse to spiral into how “bad things are” or how much you’ve failed, you’ll be able to find new solutions so much faster.


Make your energy field super-strong.

We really do have an energy field that’s been measured. And, our energy field reflects how we feel and how much we’re thriving as beings.

Strong energy fields make for strong impact in life.

Often we don’t see how much out energy field is weakened- whether by stress, negativity, poor diet, dramatic entanglements, or anything else- until we look in the mirror and feel… dim. Also, the things that were once easy in life become so much harder. Money becomes harder to get or to keep. Life becomes more of a rollercoaster with weakened personal energy.

baking soda

Simple start: take a bath in a cup of baking soda every night for 7 days. Or, spend a good hour around trees for 7 days, preferably leaning up against one, relaxing and feeling yourself recharge.

Find your deep focus.

My friends know when I’m deep in a creative project because, barring emergencies, you won’t hear from me for a week or two. I shut down the phone, the messenger, the social media surfing for fun… all of it. While I don’t do this often, I do it passionately.   That deep focus brings an incredible surge of momentum to projects and plans; art comes to life; my photographs get sharper, new skills get honed…

This is where you’ll find lots of solutions to long-standing problems, you’ll see in the space of quiet where the most noise in your life has come from and how to quiet that noise moving forward, and you’ll be able to do that creative immersion (more on this HERE) that brings masterpieces to life.

Having spent my late teens and early 20’s surrounded by illustrious artists, these periods of deep focus were something I learned when an artist would vanish to the woods or two an island to create for weeks unimpeded and emerge with incredible work… or a whole new direction or plan.

aura crystal

When’s the last time you carved out even a few hours a day of deep focus for yourself?   See if you can do this consistently and daily (even if it means waking up super early) until you’re back in your flow and feel your magic has arrived!

That less-than-stellar experience, heartbreak, apparent failure or anything else that makes you feel like you’ve gone off track can actually show you how to improve so you can really succeed in the long-run. The long-game of building and creating and refining is way better than the quick fix: it’s how empires are built!

Follow your energy, keep yourself radiant, and keep going!!!

So many bushels of oranges, so many awesome opportunities, prosperity… so much incredible art and so much love are waiting for you!

xoxo Dana

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