Deep Space Clearing For The Stuff That’s Really Intense Lingering In The Air

Aug 11, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

Sae Salt Space Clearing from The Tao of Dana

If you’re struggling with lots of obstacles in space and life, space clearing always does wonders to clear the air and create freshness.  As the holidayseason is upon us,  I become acutely aware of how my own energy gets pulled in directions I can’t ignore because they make me feel tired, annoyed, angry… You know the stuff that’s lingering, life-sucking and so irritating.

That dragging, nagging, draining stuff that takes the life out of life is often mirrored in your own home.  It’s the kind of stuff you may be able to see- like a mess of clutter- or stuff that’s invisible- like the stagnation that builds up when you haven’t got enough fresh air, the dark feeling that lingers after arguments, the heaviness you feel that you can’t explain but know it’s there.

That’s what Space Clearing is all about: clearing that invisible, draining, annoying, stifling stuff! And it’s easy!

You can start with some simple salt.  HERE are three ways to do salt clearing that I love very much. 

sea salt space clearing from The Tao of Dana

Or, you can go very big and very safely burn salt.

I do this in very special situations, for things that don’t seem to go away easily.

To deeply clear space to chase away deep dark blocks in your home and life, you can- extremely safely- you can burn salt. Can’t stress safety safety safety. If it feels unsafe, skip this one. Or have a pro do it for you.
Put a handful of salt in a fireproof vessel like a ramekin or an old metal bowl. Place that in a pan of water bath for extra safety. Rest the whole thing on a brick surface or other non-flammable surface where there’s clear space all around it.
Pour in a bit of 151 rum from a fresh bottle. Just enough to moisten the salt and turn it into a “candle”. Do not fill the cup with this alcohol: add just a little bit.
Drop in a match and watch it burn and burn, imagining the negativity being burned out of your home as the alcohol burns off.
Let everything cool and then recycle the vessel you used, only using it for this purpose in the future.
Huge Note: Remember to keep animals and children and all flammable objects away from this as it burns, and keep your intentions clear and pure!

Whatever you do, keep your energy strong and your space super-clear in your own best ways…!

You’ll know when you get there because you’ll feel fantastic…and all sorts of greatness will open up around you!!!

xoxo Dana

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