Making Big Home Statements With Abstract & Beautiful Art!

Aug 15, 2016 | Home Style

michael bond art from rebecca judd loves (michael bond art from rebecca judd loves)

Adding the biggest and most personally appealing abstract art is a way to revamp an entire room…or home… instantly! I’m so inspired by huge canvasses and exciting emotional splashes on walls these days, let these works (like the above from Michael Bond) get you excited to collect art, make art, find art… and live with more of it! 

etsy abstract art


You can start simple with beautiful abstract prints from Etsy.  I love the one pictured above, and I love THESE too!

diy watercolor pura vita

(pura vita)

Pura Vita can show you how to abstract watercolor right HERE! It’s so easy to do, and non toxic to play with at home!

 Adore Magazine interview of Fenton & Fenton shot by Armele Habib

(Adore Magazine interview of Fenton & Fenton shot by Armele Habib)

The most stunning combination of pastel and dark ever.  In fact, everything about this space has made it a new favorite room design!

bedroom art

(abstract paintings from Etsy)

You can make paintings… or find them on Etsy… or in vintage shops… art fairs… local galleries…

The most important part of folding beautiful art into your life: it’s emotional responses are the ones you want to experience!

Make sure you feel the art in your home and love how it feels.  A single giant painting can feng shui a room perfectly and instantly 🙂

xoxo Dana



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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

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  1. Darcy Goedecke

    Love those colors! I’ve always had trouble making abstract art, but I love it so. I think I’m always focused on form… It’s hard to loosen up for that haha. You’ve inspired me to work on a piece for our home! It’s easier for me in watercolor, but I love the vibrancy of oils and acrylics like you’ve shown here. I started working in oils a couple years ago and haven’t attempted abstract with it yet! Could be fun! Thanks 🙂


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