Is Your Home Draining Your Vibrant & Abundant Energy?!

Aug 16, 2016 | Prosperity


If you feel drained, stuck or, despite your best efforts, you feel as if your home is always a shambles or depressed in some way, you may have leaks in the energy field of your home.

Sometimes they’re visible- like cracked walls or actual leaks- and sometimes they’re energetic and invisible, yet you’ll feel them profoundly.

Today, we’re going to start shoring up some of those draining forces!

You can think of an energy portal as a small crack in our Earth’s energy field where energy seeps out or some type of energy pours in. For instance- your window that doesn’t close fully may let in the noise from angry neighbors, or, from that cracked window, the cooling effect of your air conditioning may seep out and lose it’s effectiveness.   Things can come in and out through these “portals” and they act like an opening.

Portals are vortexes of energy that spin around and around and around their exterior. This energy can sometimes pull us in different directions and take us to places energetically that we don’t want to go.

We’re more susceptible to the pull of unwanted energy when we’re tired, hungry, eating too much processed food, in super-negative or chaos-filled environments, exposed to too many electronics… All of it weakens your own energy field and makes it easier to get drained. Once you’re drained, you’re walking through the day in energy debt, looking to simply get by rather than to thrive.

It’s important to be present and conscientious. If you’re feeling drained, you may want to try some simple grounding exercises.

  • Take ten deep breaths, focus your attention on each breath on the way in and out. In your head say the number of the breath as you exhale
  • Slowly sip on cold water.
  • Clap your hands together and hear the noise and feel the sensation in your hands and arms
  • Stamp your feet and notice the sound it makes as you connect to the ground
  • Wear an elastic band on your wrist and flick it gently so you can feel the sensation on your wrist
  • Walk without shoes on solid ground, the more natural the Earth the better.

As for these Energy leaks in your home… these “portals” where energy is being drained or unwanted stuff is coming into your days, your dreams, your thoughts…it may manifest in different ways…

– You might have infestations of bugs (yuck, but it happens)

– You might have vivid dreams or see things like orbs (yes, people see things) in your home.

– You may want to avoid certain parts of your house for no good reason.

– You might be perpetually exhausted or obsessed with the past and can’t figure out why…

This you can cure in your home, most certainly.

  • Start with some Space Clearing. Burn some sage, create some clear space…!
  • Add more light or burn a candle wherever you feel things are “off balance.”

Stay strong, stay vibrant, stay grateful and stay magnetic. There’s so much that’s so beautiful to experience in the world, and you’re worthy of feeling and living in daily abundance!

xoxo Dana

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