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Aug 17, 2016 | Prosperity

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It’s a season of prosperity!

In my mind, it’s always a season of prosperity!

This season, specifically, it’s both an astrologically-charged time of harvesting prosperity and it’s a season of immersion in prosperity in the most gorgeous and fun ways.

All round, the abundance is flowing…and I have one thing on my mind: multiplying all the luck-feelings, love-feelings, opportunities and actual wealth, too!!!

Multiplying the greatness in your life is the Feng Shui of the day!!!

This quote is very powerful because it points to the magic-making force in your life:


Your energy, your focus, your reactions to things, your instincts, your listening… it’s all you  in the driver’s seat of change-making.

Decide on the NEW.  What is the new, big and beautiful version of your days? What are you thinking as you move through them? How do you feel?  What do you see?  Don’t just visualize this dreamy life, decide on it.  Before you go to bed, decide on it.  When you first wake up, decide on it.  This commitment to the new won’t “stick” if it’s done as a one-time exercise.  Decide all day to pioneer the future!!!

Create higher energy around you than you’ve ever felt before.  Your energy is equivalent to your personal bank account of prosperity.

This simple home energy makeover- personalized to your life-  can be your most glowing daily practice!

Find new ways to connect to people, and to connect more completely.  FaceTime Audio helped me keep the conversations flowing with friends around the globe, I work with people worldwide on Skype for years, I connect with people dialing them through the phone feature on Facebook.

But… then… there’s the bigger picture of in-person life connecting, like finding more like-minded people and staying connected to them.  Joining volunteer groups, teams, immersing yourself in hobbies that involve others (knitting groups, powerful circles of runners, healing circles)…

Synergy is what we all need in order to amplify ourselves and amplify others with us!!!

Use your energy in ways that are revolutionary for you. This video is well worth watching as Dr. Bruce Lipton breaks down the link between money and your energy in a very powerful and scientific way!!!

Pretty incredible, right?!

Multiply the outcomes and see them multiplied!!!

Catherine Ponder, a classic voice of prosperous wisdom, suggests in The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity that you multiply in your mind every gift that you get of every dollar that you earn and expect that new amount.  For instance, multiply everything by 10.  If someone hands you 10 dollars, expect 100 to come.  If you spent an hour with someone you love, imagine 10 hours coming.  Expectations do influence outcomes!

When you turn your attention toward abundance (and I mean this in every way: healthy, wealthy, love-filled, grateful, spirit-filled, empowered life) you start exercising your ability to expand.

Every shift you make into more abundance is a new habit in your field of possibility.  You literally imprint in the energy field that supports your life what’s possible to create, to experience and to thrive with.

Each time you stretch yourself you create new brain pathways that support your expansion.  Possibility is as big as you can stretch.

With every day you practice a new way of living, you become one with that new way.  As that old saying goes, “You are what you repeatedly do.”

Do bright and beautiful things.  Make revolutionary new choices.  Let yourself be bigger and more connected to life in every way.  I’ve watched this for a decade &  it’s how fortune multiplies in amazing ways!!!

xoxo Dana

P.S.: The Love Camp is coming (!!!) to transform life with so much more love! It’s the ultimate in Feng Shui to multiply your manifesting magic.

The FREE 3-Video series kicks things off right HERE!!! It’s packed with Feng Shui to help you create even more openness, magnetism and more LOVE in awesome, tangible ways!

This hour of Feng Shui videos for love starts soon and it’s only up for 21 days a year…so if you’re ready for a lighter, brighter, more love-filled life, you won’t want to miss it! xoxo!!!


  1. Jeanne

    The video was life changing! It’s changed my perspective about money and life. Going forward, I’ll never see my thoughts and money the same way. While I cannot go back and change the past, I feel like my future solid. Thank you!


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