Feng Shui To Create Irresistible Energy That Brings Your Talent To The World!

Aug 19, 2016 | Prosperity

nothing is impossible

Living in Los Angeles, I’ve seen a lot of ultra-talented people living lives where they’re pulled in so many directions, their talent never seems to take hold in ways that they want to express it as artists, as change-makers or as creators.  They know they have talent, they struggle to get that talent to manifest, they feel unlucky and – the worst part- they watch people who haven’t really worked that hard come to town seem to excel in huge ways.

Today’s feng shui is for the ultra-talented (i.e.: everyone.  everyone is ultra-talented in some ways!) who struggle to bring that talent to the world. 

bob is awesome

Confidence mixed with focus seems to carry people very far.

Little Bob has mastered confidence.  I think he’s been so loved and given so much freedom, he’s sort of figured out his life rhythm.  He knows how to ask for what he needs.  He smiles, he plays, he keeps to himself when he feels like it.  If he wants something, you’ll know about it.

While it’s cute to compare life to that of my dog, there’s something to it.  Bob was loved and attended to and cared for from the time he fit in my palm.  Adopting his brother Gordon, it took a whole lot of time and love and attention before Gordon had the same confidence and freedom and started becoming… fully himself.  Now, you know exactly who he is and he takes center stage.

The more grounded and empowered you are, the more you can soar.

A lot of us weren’t given that kind of permission as little kids.

In fact, a lot of us were just told to be careful and to learn to be like everyone else.

Luckily we can change whatever we want to change.  The energy is there for us to shape life in new ways.

Confidence has gotten a bad reputation in many ways as it gets mixed up with  narcissism, self-obsession and ruthlessness… but that’s not the kind of confidence that we’re talking about today.  That’s not confidence.  It’s destructive, it’s limiting and it’s self-consuming.

Often I call the kind of confidence that is utterly magnetic “grounded and empowered.” It’s the state of being where you’re sort of irresistible to the good stuff. The coolest, most iconic celebrities I’ve had the honor of meeting… are the coolest people and the opposite of narcissistic, self-obsessed and ruthless.

It seems that the Julia Cameron quote holds true where I live, and I’ve seen this be true in a universal sense: “All too often, it is audacity and not talent that moves an artist to center stage.”

Willingness to be seen is a big thing.  

When you’re out on the world sharing your gifts and asking for what you want, it can be scary.

Here’s part of the plight of the super-talented who hide out:

Marilyn Monroe told a story of how she could walk down a crowded street and make herself “invisible” in the crowd… but then… when she needed to… she could turn “on” her energy and everyone would flock to her. Same person.  Same clothes.  Same makeup.  Different energy.

Why wouldn’t we all want to turn on our magic?

That feeling of everyone flocking to you can be scary.  You don’t always get the good people. It’s a whole lot to contend with.

So, what many people do energetically is this: they shut down their gifts.  Whether with sugar or toxic romances or destructive friendships or drugs or… anything… so that the feeling of overwhelming energy coming in isn’t as powerful.

If you know a super-talented person who is constantly in crisis that could be avoided, chances are they’re afraid to be seen.

To get to that place of energetic confidence where you CAN be seen and it feels safe… start with love.  Love yourself so fully that it creates a halo or a force-shield around you.  From self-care routines to practicing your hobbies and arts… from getting great sleep to spending lots of time taking care of your life… love is all actions.  Your love for yourself- as your greatest practice- will help you to feel very safe beeing seen and acknowledged.

I was one in a toxic relationship that so tainted my ideas of love that I wanted to hide.  I thought I would never be able to write again.  All my magic felt like it was robbed from me. The only cure was to let that go and dive into self-love like never before!!!

Clear away the entanglements that pull your focus off your gifts and your life purpose.

A simple and powerful way to clear yourself from entanglements is a little Life Detox.  If can set you on a course of clarity!


Bring your best to every day!!!  If you’re practicing your own ways of stating light and full of love, you’ll have an easier time accepting the idea that you’re going to get attention.  You’ll be less afraid of criticism and less apt to want to hide out.  In fact… it becomes an absolute joy and a gift to practice your talents.

The more you’re in the flow of your biggest passions, the more that energy with come easily and freely to you.

Yes, it takes a lot of work to be sucessful in any way.  Bu… that work doesn’t have to be a struggle if you love it and you’ve cleared a path to create it beautifully.

You can do this. 

You can be seen more and more. 

You can stand grounded and empowered in your talents. 

You can design your own dream life at any time.

& it’s most exciting when you do!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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