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Aug 21, 2016 | Prosperity

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We’re all capable of being a revolution in the world.

We’re all able to revolutionize our lives right now.

Lots of people try to complicate things, but really, Nature makes it very simple.

We are energy.  We are all meant to be here, connected, as higher (creative) energy that lifts up the lower (destructive) forces.

The more you can lift up your life, the more you can lift up the world.

Some researchers like David Hawkins have said that living in a state of perpetual love can raise 750,000 up from lower to higher states of being.

If you want to solve your own problems, have a giant impact on world-sized solutions and see abundance as the energy that prevails everywhere… the environment can help you to get there faster than you may have ever imagined!

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I highly encourage you to read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s entire lecture on The Wisdom of Your Cells here, but to start I’m including these paragraphs that expand the idea of who we are *scientifically & biologically* in a way that you may not have ever considered before:

“….When you look at yourself you see an individual person. But if you understand the nature of who you are, you realize that you are actually a community of about 50 trillion living cells. Each cell is a living individual, a sentient being that has its own life and functions but interacts with other cells in the nature of a community. If I could reduce you to the size of a cell and drop you inside your own body, you would see a very busy metropolis of trillions of individuals living within one skin. This becomes relevant when we understand that health is when there is harmony in the community and dis-ease is when there is a disharmony that tends to fracture the community relationships. So, number one, we are a community.

Fact number two: There is not one function in the human body that is not already present in every single cell. For example, you have various systems: digestive, respiratory, excretory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive, a nervous system and an immune system but every one of those functions exists in every one of your cells. In fact we are made in the image of a cell. This is very helpful for biologists because we can do research on cells and then apply that information to understanding the nature of the human body.” (article here) 


#1. we are meant to part of an energetically-bound community. that’s so huge. we’re 50 trillion cells… all of us… and…

#2. every single bit of our life has the potential to create all of life.  once single cell is mirrored in our whole body.

One single person (you!) can be the generator of huge change in the community of life because you have that much energetic potential… and… we’re all connected!

In all of his vast and incisive work, Dr. Lipton has found that the determining factor of our cellular universe, including our bodies, our state of being and our wellness and abundance in every way is not simply the genetic codes that we all have…


Drop a single cell in a negative environment and it will shut down; nourish that cell and it will thrive.

Your environment: your thoughts, words and actions every day- your home- your bonds with people- your service to the planet- the quality of the energy in your spaces- the food you eat- the purpose you create with- the amount of light you get—

It’s our ENVIRONMENT that determines how we’ll thrive. 

Sit in a disastrously messy room and you’ll maybe feel physically uneasy. Live in the mess and you’ll probably feel lethargic, depressed… your thoughts might turn to how useless everything is… you might have allergies or aches…

I see it all the time: people transform spaces and feel almost instantly lifted out of thought loops of despair, cleaned homes helping to motivate a wellness program, some time in the sun sparking a fresh start in spirit…

Feng shui is the art & science of balancing the environment so that you can thrive, specifically, personally and powerfully.

It’s really not just about your furniture or your clutter… it’s also… the invisible energies you’re carrying around like draining obligations, attachments to painful relationships, the ideas that have been holding you back from soaring…

All of that can be cleared, balanced and re-written.

It often starts with awareness. See it and you can change it.  

We aren’t all raised to see that blocks in life, stuckness and situations that are like brick walls are a reflection of ourselves and our environments.

Powerful repeating negative cycles (the same nightmare relationship repeating itself with different people, the same doomed jobs, the same failed attempts to get healthier…) are not “bad luck” but, rather, functions of personal beliefs, energy and choices. After all, what’s familiar is what we tend to gravitate toward…

While I don’t know all the answers to all the questions of life- and I certainly don’t know what’s specifically best for you- YOU DO KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.

You’ve got all the answers. Some of them might be buried in a haze of noise, chaos, exhaustion, overindulgence, Internet overload… or anything else that lingers in your environment and keeps the old patterns in place.

You can unearth those answers.

Really, you can.

Start simple.

Try asking yourself: Where am I most stuck?

From there, see what ideas, what habits, what things in your space and your days mirror that annoyance, stuckness, misery or limitation.

Now, you know what to clear up and energize. You know what you can shift, excavate, re-paint, shake up and wake up.

The “how to get things in order once you know what’s going on” part is individual. There are loads of tools in feng shui that can help you find your best ways in your space itself.   There are lots of ways to shift habits, purge old ideas and create new paradigms. When you’re ready and open, they tend to appear.

Pick simple things to start making changes. The simple ones are the ones that are most likely to be the right ones.

Simplicity has far higher energy and life-force than Complexity.

Feel things out. Move in the directions that move you and keep you uplifted.

Stay around uplifting people and be an uplifting person, as that energy is part of the community that we’re all a part of… and the energy of the community influences its wellbeing and abundance in every way.

There’s no race and no time limit to make changes… there’s just the direction: UP and UP and UP every day.

You can totally revolutionize your life.

Step-by-step, keep seeking the higher and happier.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Darcy Goedecke

    Live this: “Move in the directions that move you”. Think i might write that on my mirror 🙂 So well said. And I like the idea of asking where am i most stuck. Interesting reframe! Excited to read this guys lecture! Thanks!

    • danaclaudat

      xoxoxo!!! you’ll love bruce lipton 🙂 (& I’d love to see your mirror if you write it :)) xoxo


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