Third Chakra Feng Shui Interior Design To Feel Your Power & Trust Your Gut Much More!

Aug 22, 2016 | Home Style

golden sofas and floral rugs (ikea malaysia)

Today we’re diving into the decor that can ramp up your sense of personal power and “gut feelings”… some intuitive design for the Third Chakra!

For those of you who are new to the Chakras, you can start here to get an understanding of this energy system that moves through our bodies in beautiful ways.

The Power Center of the Third Chakra is dynamic because, well, it’s the center of our lives. The gut affects our health profoundly, there’s a second “brain” in the stomach and we are deeply affected by things that we sense “in our gut”. Imagine a spinning wheel of light and color emanating from your belly button and you’re seeing the energy of the Third Chakra in action.

We all know so much, but lots of us have a harder time in a world full of noise actually hearing the inner wisdom we have. It is so valuable to tap in and listen- trusting your gut- and this feng shui’d interior design is meant to help you to get there right now!

First off, the golden sofas above are just one shining example of how to use gorgeous yellows to splash sunshine all over your home. Just a dash of yellow can be all the uplift you need.

tigers eye


Tigers eye- whether you wear it or keep it in your home on display- is a spectacular natural stone of grounded, centered, Third Chakra wisdom.

golden plates

(horses and heels)

Some golden greatness mixed into your daily routine adds richness and resonance to a room… and your life!  Yes: you can eat on plates like this EVERY DAY!


Sunflowers and other golden blooms that are hearty are natural activators of power.  It only takes a single sunflower to make a grand statement.

triangle shelf


Strong triangles- like this awesome shelf- used as displays of beloved objects are super-power features in your home.  Triangles in art are also deeply empowering design.

Most vital, of course, to tap in in every way to your inner truth is to practice. Hear yourself. Let yourself feel all your feelings. See how and where you’re being guided. Instead of saying, ” Ah, I knew this wasn’t a good idea,” you’ll be feeling exactly where you’re supposed to be, led by all that you know to be true for you!



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