Three Simple Feng Shui Ways To Start Creating So Much More Of What You Want!

Aug 23, 2016 | Prosperity

your focus determines your reality

What are you thinking about right now?

Seriously… what are you thinking about?

Chances are, whatever emotions you’re feeling will tell you what you’ve been thinking about.  Whatever you’re experiencing right now can illuminate what you’ve been dwelling on in the recent-or-distant past that’s now coming to fruition.  What you feel right now is a reflection of where your energy and focus is headed today and what you focus on… that’s what will grow.

We’ve grown accustomed to being realistic about things… “figuring things out” mentally and deciding what we can have and what makes sense and even what we deserve.

Realistic is a tricky word because it’s US who create our own unique reality.

Even scientists, philosophers and psychologists agree: we all experience life through our own unique vantage point.

We may all see the same apple sitting on a table, but:  one of us sees opportunity, another sees red, another hates apples and looks away, another is bored by it, one might feel compelled to eat it…

Everything in our wold is uniquely designed by us and experienced by us in our own special way.

Moreover, what you believe is possible creates what it possible.  There’s an interesting phenemenon that happens, discussed surrounding the recent Olympics: once someone creates a new possibility by breaking a world record, suddenly the world cracks open and more people catch up to that record. Once it becoms possible… it becomes possible for many more people to imagine it can happen… so it does happen!!!

What you choose to see as possible and how you choose to design your days: this is what makes more of what you want come to be.  Today’s feng shui is all about welcoming what you want into your world in cosmically awesome ways!!!


Order Up What You Need 

A lot of the awesome “manifesting” books dating back to the 1920’s and even earlier than that talk about focus.  But much more than simple focus, they talk about “cosmic ordering.”

It’s quite easy: you decide when you’re going to have something done, you set a date, a time and what you want to have completed, you put aside your list or your written request to the universe, and then… you go out and focus in on creativity.

As the theory goes: whatever you ordered-up cosmically will appear.

Does it always work in a one-to-one equation? Nope, but it does, very often.  For me, it always sets off lightning-type coincidences that move things forward fast in a positive direction!!!

Try making a list of things you need and adding dates beside them for when you need and want them to appear.   Now, stash that list away and focus on your day!

floor pillows from urban outfitters

(urban outfitters)

Expand Possibility 

Creating space to meditate and visualize at home is a vital way to get your focus together.

If you feel yourself drifting into a panic- “Why isn’t this working out even though I’m working so hard?!” is a big and common panic. Focusing in on your love life in a non-stop loop (or the absense of your love life!) when you’re meant to be working can cause a rift in in your focus.  Feeling creatively spaced out and disconnected from the day can be another deficiency of focus…

Medative space can be as simple as a clear corner to contemplate Nature from a window, a lovely floor pillow, a great reading and writing chair… Make that space and use it daily!!!

If you’re looking for a “meditation” that’s easy to do, THIS simple technique is something I love.

STAY FOCUSED no matter what is happening. 

I once had a total meltdown a long while back while I was at my Buddhist temple.  For all my practice I had never experienced as many challenges as I had pile on me all at once and, considering I’d grown used to things being relatively smooth, I flipped out.  Endless tears, breathless, overwhelmed… and I ran into the Chief Priest who looked at me with such compassion.

“I can’t take it any more… all I have are problems…I’m just…” crying, breathless, I couldn’t stop talking…

He nodded while I went on and on about all my problems (which, in retrospect, seem extremely small) and he said, simply:

“I’m going to pray for you, but you… need… to be stronger.”

He explained, and I’m paraphrasing,  how much struggle and sacrifice is part of the great journeys, how I have so much power inside to fix things but if I keep crumbling they just won’t get fixed.  Being stronger meant staying focused no matter what was happening…

That was my last big life meltdown of that proportion.

When I stopped letting myself completely fall apart… things fell together!

Are you in need of a shift where things have been overwhelming, not moving or otherwise stuck and throwing you for a loop?  Start being stronger in focusing on solutions.

These easy energy shifts can help you to connect more to a life of your own design, to feel more rooted and certain and to focus in on what you want to create… no matter how impossibly huge it may seem to other people.

You are creating your reality.

As George Lucas famously wrote in Star Wars, “May the Force be with you.”

You are the one to connect with and welcome in that Force!

Stay strong, stay clear, stay excited and keep in the flow of abundance!!!

xoxo Dana

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