Your Whole Life Is A Mirror Of You…And You Can Polish That Mirror Right Now!

Aug 24, 2016 | Prosperity

What a beautiful reflection of a beautiful life: Nature, abundance in bloom, flowers everywhere, simplicity, color… farms… space… sunshine…

When I see beautiful things- even the simplest of beautiful things like a huge smile, a pleasant stroll, a polished vintage car, a happy baby or puppy- I think immediately of the beauty of the life behind the gorgeousness.

When I’m confronted with turmoil, I’m immediately moved to see what, inside of me, is being shown to me by my life that could stand to change.

What you see around you is all a reflection of you.  

Beauty, harmony, abundance coupled with ease… all are mirrored reflections of a life well-aligned at the moment.

All the obstacles, bumps in the road, bursts of anger, fear, stuckness… all mirror the greatest of gifts: an opportunity to expand and eliminate the ideas, stories and emotions that these big “blocks” reflect.

Everything in your life is a mirror of you.

If you’re looking to find the cause of your lack or problems… it’s all in that mirror.

It’s not the economy, the new attitudes toward love, the crazy things happening on the planet or anything else that is “the cause” of anything that’s happening to you.

It’s all within us all: the power to change ideas, beliefs, emotions, actions, attitudes.  It’s all within us to polish that mirror now and to keep it shining to create a brighter & more profoundly abundant, awesome life every single day. 

your life is a mirror

Our homes are a reflection of us.  From the unmade bed to the crisply folded linens, the dishes in the sink and the freshly washed windows… all of it is a reflection of us.

I can see how “present” people are when I see the state of their home.  It’s not a judgement- we all get overwhelmed and “check out” of life sometimes.  When you start to open your eyes and see how many things could use a deep cleaning, a polish, a repair or a refresh… that’s when you start the revolution at home!

It can be hard to see it all sometimes… much easier to sweep stuff under the carpet, so to speak… but when you see it… you can elevate everything. 

Our relationships are a reflection of us.  Or… our lack of them.  Your beliefs, your worth, your habits, your energy patterns… they all get reflected in the ways we connect and love.

Again, it can be hard to see because it’s startling at first if you’ve had rocky ones, but once you see that your relationships reflect you and your beliefs… that’s when the big changes are possible. 

Our fulfillment reflects us, too.

Fulfillment is a measure of self-love and connection to life.

If you believe you can be fulfilled, you’ll likely dive in and feel that connection every day.

If you’re harboring doubts that fulfillment is possible, you’ll probably have a whole list of things you can do for yourself “when you’re ready, when you make enough money, when it’s a better time…”

While this one is extremely hard to see because it backs up against all the “rational” pressures of what we’re taught is acceptable, reasonable and “right to do”, if you can see why you’re unfulfilled and how it’s mirrored in your life, you can make huge leaps forward if you dare! 

Our money is also a reflection of us.  Suze Ormon knows a thing or two about finances in a very interesting way.  I read her books full of practical wsdom as a reboot when I’m looking to make big changes (like getting a house… investing… wondering how I can be even more organized)… and every time I read one I’m more empowered. What’s most facinating is that she agrees that the inside (our feelings, our self-worth, our attitudes) affect our money profoundly:

“They think the reason they are miserable — that they are an emotional wreck — is because they have absolutely no money. They honestly think that if they had more money they would have fewer problems. The problem is that it’s not true! The reason they don’t have more money is because of how they feel about their life and who they are. Who you are determines what you have and get to keep.”  (via this brilliant article in Huffington Post) 

This idea of a mirror effect can either: 1. rocket you to the moon or 2. cause you to double-down on self-loathing ideas and self-denial.

Make the first choice!!!

Once you see that anything and everything persisting as an issue is just a mirrored reflection, you can change that mirror.  

Sometimes it’s a relatively quick fix: cleaning a closet, heading to the bank for a meeting with an advisor, having a wonderful open-hearted conversation.

Sometimes it takes more commitment: learning, practicing, clearing & taking consistent steps ahead no matter what.

In ten years of working with people to polish the mirror of their lives, it’s usually a mix of both that makes a lifestyle change: solutions that are immediate + long term practice to change long-standing patterns.

And it’s all pretty easy if you’re ready to do it and willing to see it all, that whole mirror of your life, without any judgement.

If you want to start right now: take some time today and polish your phone, your computer, your iPad…and upgrade all their software as  much as possible.  Delete a ton of old emails.  Clear contacts you don’t need or use.  All the communication devices you use daily get a simple upgrade, and… that is a huge place to start!

I have three (!) phone chargers to replace today, as it seems like the mirror of my own life is showing me that I have to put more “power” behind my personal connections, too, to keep them fueled!!!

And… commit to keep up the polishing of life.   Everywhere.  Anywhere you’re in blame, flip it around and see the mirror.

You’ll become completely unstoppable because you’ll see that all the power you need to change things is not mystical, not for later, not for luck…

It’s all you.  And you are amazing!

xoxo Dana

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