How Do You Know If You’re On The Right Track?

Aug 25, 2016 | Prosperity

on the right track

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If you’re looking for answers and dying to know for sure that you’re on the right track, you might start asking other people if you’re doing things right, or what to do next and maybe if you should make certain decisions.

Or you might be more extreme, like I was.  In the past, when I’d spin out in confusion, I would have a stream of psychics, tarot card readers and oracles and I’d ask everyone what to do…

…then, I’d doubt what they told me.

And, I’d still spin in confusion!

People ask me very often questions that extend far beyond Feng Shui— if they’re making right life decisions, if they’re on the right path— and my answer is always close to the same: only you know the right answer.

There’s no real certainty except for the way that you feel.

We’ve got a whole load of superpowers that we can exercise every day, and the more you can tap into your own flow of energy, the more you’ll know for yourself that you’re on the right track. 

Ask for signs… lightly. We’re all connected to the same great big energy field that can help us flow through life. Asking for signs from life is awesome, and it often works best when you don’t obsess over the signs.

Here’s a story from my own life…

I was completely devastated after leaving a relationship that I thought would last forever. I knew at the time I made the right decision, but after six weeks I started to doubt myself and wasn’t really suer what to do. I asked the “universe” for a clear message, an answer to make me see if I should repair this or just grieve… I was so exhausted and stuck that I took myself to the beach for a walk on the boardwalk to rejuvenate. A man was singing, and he pointed to me in the crowd.

I looked around, thinking he meant someone else. He assured me, it was me, with my big blue purse, that he was singing this for.

The song:

It was somewhat spooky. And… I got my answer.

It’s not always that picture-perfect, but the right things do reveal themselves.

I like proof. I’m not a fan of blind faith. Ask for the signs, let go and see if they appear. When they do, it’s the best proof I know.

Another one of out biggest superpowers is our own intention.  

There are incredible experiments my Masuru Emoto about intention, like his work with water crystals that were frozen from water samples that were all spoken to and treated in different ways. Some were showered in love, some hate, some ignored, some blasted with anger… and the results are always an eye opener.

emoto water

Funny enough, when scientists try to replicate Emoto’s work to de-bunk it and discredit it, they always succeed in having it never work out for them. Why? Because their INTENTION is that it won’t work out.   They intend to create a failure and that’s what they get.

Your intention makes a big difference.

Intention isn’t blind faith… it’s energy directed very clearly.

One fascinating Intention Experiment (Lynne Mc Taggart’s work is mind-blowing) involved groups of people sending intentions for growth to one batch of seeds while another- the same seeds in the same environment- were not sent that intention. The full results are amazing (HERE) but this most stunning result:

“As an overall average, the seeds sent intention grew 56 mm, compared with 48 mm for the non-targeted seeds. This means that seeds sent intention, on average, were 8 mm (about a third of an inch) higher than the controls. In contrast, the seeds run in the control Intention Experiments only varied by 2 mm.”

Intention does make things happen!!!

Intention is most clear when you’re not operating in a zone of interference. For example, if you’ve tried to talk to someone while there was a ton construction happening next door and the noise was incredibly loud, you know how hard it is to be heard.

Noise is not just sound. Noise that blocks your messages from getting across includes… chaotic relationships, self-defeating ideas on a loop in your mind, obligations that feel terrible, too much Internet, foods and drinks and drugs that make you feel weak and cloudy… and clutter, disorganization, too much stuff…


Sweep some of that noise from your space. 

Ask for a sign that you’re on the right track… then… lightly let it go and focus on other things… like more sweeping away of noise that’s in your space…

Sharpen your intention and send that positive energy that feels restored and strong toward all the best outcomes.

This is some of the simplest and yet most incredibly powerful Feng Shui for all kinds of flow and abundance. And… you’ll find there are so many right tracks to be on, you won’t worry any more about what’s right or wrong in a confusion: it will all be right if it feels right!

xoxo Dana

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