Feng Shui For More Dream-Come-True Days!

Aug 26, 2016 | Prosperity

While not everyone can full-time dream for a living every single day at this very moment, there are many feng shui ways to live with much more of the dream-come-true feeling every day.

Our experience of life is 100% sensory.

Whether it’s sound, sight, smell, taste, touch… or invisible- yet- real perceptions like intuition and strong energy connections like love- our senses create our days.

Whether or not you have an overflowing bank account, the perfect art created yet, the romance of a lifetime or anything else… you can, right now, layer your life in the sensory experiences that make today feel like a dream-come-true.

That’s pretty much the best feeling ever… and it grows as you grow your life, expanding to encompass more of the dream every day!

As far as I’m concerned- feeling is the essence of everything.

Feeling love, feeling fulfilled, feeling connected, feeling exhilarated, feeling inspired, feeling  magnetic, feeling at peace…

After all: you can have the brimming bank account, accomplishments, perfect-on-paper romances…and still feel very little if you’re disconnected from life.  So many people I know have traded happiness for stuff, and they believed there was no better way… but without the feelings that you’re really craving, the dream won’t be real. Some of these people don’t “feel” success — just a sort of discontent that nothing seems to fill.

Connect to your dream-come-true feelings from where you are right now- whether it’s taking a first step on the road or about to hit the pinnacle- and you’ll be in a space where everything is so much more deeply fulfilling. When all the “stuff” comes that you’re working toward, you’ll have savored every moment of the journey!

Stimulate your senses.

What are the feelings you crave? What are the feelings you “lack” ?

Make a list of what you want to feel every day. Security, peace of mind, feeling loved, feeling talented, feeling confident…?  You get the picture.

What are the feelings?

Now: Add them to your environment.

Textures like pillows and rugs and throw blankets, sweaters, textiles… they all make you feel.

Scents from candles, bouquets, incense, herbs, food cooking… all make you feel.

Colors elicit specific feelings.

The blog is full of thousands of ideas to spark different feelings in your space with feng shui.  Explore, experiment and enjoy!

Give yourself love time. 

Self-love, time with loved ones, time to express love… every single day.

Upgrade your rituals. 

What part of the day is the hardest?

Could you, maybe, meditate or take a walk instead of getting sugar? Could you have a tea instead of a cocktail after work if that cocktail is bringing you down…? Does your morning need a boost of light?

Think of even one way to upgrade a ritual and do it! You’ll be on the way to experiencing more and more dreamy feeling awesomeness everywhere… and you can expand as you go, layering more and more of the things that make you feel fantastic!

Enjoy everything!!!

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!

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