Has Your Decision To Explore Wellness Led You Into Confusion?!

Aug 29, 2016 | Feng Shui 101

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“What colors are right for the Career and Fame areas… given all the rules I’ve read all over the Internet I think it’s Black and Red by then my house faces Southwest and I had this reading done of my house that told me I need pink and…?”

Do you feel confused?

So do it!

We’re bombarded with confusing, conflicting information about most everything.  Feng shui- in a huge way- is loaded with confusion and a load of totally useless superstitious information that leaves people in a panic to paint walls and buy bed sheets.

This isn’t wellness and it’s something I hope will be wiped away in the coming years as more of us become empowered to find our own best ways of doing things.

Lately, more than ever, the idea of being open-minded has set people on a quest to understand some of the more invisible forces affecting life.  Clearing space by burning sage wands is no longer reserved for the “New Age” mystic friends you have, it’s universal.  Sund baths and crystals are super-popular and only just beginning to surge.  The number of folks from all over the globe looking at feng shui is soaring.

It’s all so incredibly exciting!

And, for some of you, it may be confusing, too.

For me, it was very confusing and I led myself down some rabbit holes in search of more openness, light, freedom and peace.

If you’ve hit a wall of confusion, you’re feeling more constricted than empowered by your recent wellness exploration or, worse, you feel paralyzed to even explore new ways of expanding life because it’s all so overwhelming and conflicting information is everywhere, this might help you to actually find a path of wellness that works for you.  


Find your best way.   If you’ve been exploring new paradigms and want a better way to live, shake off whatever you’ve read in books or heard in lectures that sounds glittery and feels forced when you attenpt it: it’s not freedom if it feels weird.  Your best way is always the best way.  Deciding to create my own best way to live- from my routines to my spiritual practice to the tea I drink!- was the best decision I ever made.

Yes, it felt strange and yet exciting.

Plus, I was able to let go of alot of ideas of the ways that “life should be” and started to collect my own best ways. 

You are your own guru.  Now, if you’re seeking spirituality, I’ll start by saying that I don’t deal with spirituality for a reason: it’s personal. And, truly, every religious and spiritual teaching that is in the light focuses on core values like love, personal morals, living with integrity and being ones best self, so there’s no need to go any further than that.  I can share with you lots of patterns, forces of physics, linages of results from various techniques and even scientific studies that illuminate how many different phenomena improve life in various ways- like gratitude, spending time in Nature, experiencing certain colors or shaping space in certain ways that feel good to you.

I can’t tell you “how the universe works” and I very much love this quote from Deepak Chopra that sums up what I suggest if you run across people on your wellness path who suggest that they know exactly how the universe works—

walk with seekers

Practice Discernment.  This was one of my toughest personal lessons.  Really be discerning with what you open yourself up to, or you may be opening yourself up to lots more confusion, stagnation and darkness.

Lots of things sound like they’re elevated experiences, and perhaps they are to some, though they’ve been fatal or deeply damaging to others.  From tranformational drug experiences led my shamans (ayahuaska) to incredibly intense sweat lodges with psychadelic after effects… breathing techniques that “open up” your energy can also do this opening up in such an intense way that it causes people to have nervous breakdowns… I once saw a famous healer (no joke) that beat (you are reading this right) on my chest and I couldn’t breathe properly  for a week…

Those are a lot of extreme examples, but there are less extreme transformational healings and philosophies.  Some are brilliant, some are not.

You’ll know by how you feel and what you see… beyond the glitzy instant transformations that sound very… dangerous or extreme.  We all experience life through our senses and have deep instincts, and that’s some simple and vital science to remember!

So, there’s a lot of things to discern.  And, for a really successful life,  you need to discern them for yourself.

Does it really always come down to “what feels good is good”? 

For me, it’s the way I do everything…

If something is so complex that it’s confusing to approach it… it’s likely not for me. Relationships, jobs, books, philosophies… all of it… 

If it’s a paradigm shift being offered that feels uncomfortable… it’s likely not for me. 

If it’s a bunch of rules or best practices or “shoulds” that are presented that collapse my sense of morality or feel… deeply uncomfortable… they’re not for me.  

If it’s extreme, dangerous, “a shortcut” or opens my energy up in ways that leave me feeling confused, spun-out or overly amped up in confusion… that’s where I draw the line and I hope it’s where you draw the line, too.  

In any and all types of decisions to move toward personal expansion and betterment in a wild and exciting world filled with nw ways of doing things, my most profoundly hard-won suggestion is to start with the fact that you are ALREADY WHOLE, you are ALREADY AWESOME and you are ALREADY DESERVING of all good things.  Anything else you gain from exploring energy, creating a sanctuary, creatively breaking down walls and healing more deeply from traumas is so wonderful, but you’ll make the best choices for yourself if you realize that you already know what’s best for you and you’re already fantastic…!

You are!

xoxo Dana



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