Fourth Chakra Feng Shui Interior Design To Open Your Heart!

Aug 30, 2016 | Home Style

love-filled design

(zillow digs)

When your heart is open, the world isn’t just filled with love (which is awesome in itself!) but, also, your mind is tuned in, your intuition is flowing, life lacks stress and teems with possibility. Love is an energy so high in frequency that it’s life changing; it’s been inferred from kinesiological studies reported by David Hawkins of about a million people that when you’re living from a place of love you can lift 750,000 other people out of lower states of being with your presence alone!

Opening your heart is so vital. While there are the practices every day- like forgiveness, letting things go, doing the work of untangling toxic idea of love- there’s also great design for balancing the fourth (heart) chakra (more on the chakras here if you’re just getting started) to love, love, love so much more openly!!!

Home Tour from A Cup of Jo

Simple, rich, unexpectedly lush deep greens are the color of wood element in feng shui- the creative, the open, the lush and the heart-expanding!   Can you add more green into your life?
Rachel Clark styling for Urban Outfitters

(Rachel Clark styling for Urban Outfitters)

Handmade bits of art, hand-stitched pillows and clothes… all of these tap into the most exquisite care-giving, attention-filled, gorgeous energy.

My Cosy Retreat's boho yard

(my cosy retreat)

Being grounded in grass and entertaining- think a picnic table, using the shared space in your building to make a barbecue area, etc- expands this open, collective feeling of greatness!

indoor jungle

(gardening school)

Luscious plants indoors that grow nearly wild in their extravagance are love energy on such a high.

dot & bo boho patio

(dot & bo)

More wood = more lovely energy of inspiration.

By the way, if you make some space at home (and in your calendar)  to stretch or do yoga or make art you’ll get extra-bonus-points for your heart-fueled Feng Shui!!!

xoxo Dana

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