Are You Ready To Make A Paradigm Shift?!

Sep 1, 2016 | Creativity

“As soon as you stop wanting something you get it. I’ve found that to be absolutely axiomatic.”~Andy Warhol

What a wild piece of wisdom.  If only I’d learned it before I made a habit of getting very very stuck when things were not going my way that I was throwing 2000% of my energy at…!

This is what I used to think “being stuck” looked like-

Sitting around complaining, watching TV in a haze, being lazy, barely trying, creative blocks galore, loneliness…

I’ve experienced all of the above. It is what being stuck in life looks like, for sure.

But, there’s another way stuck looks-

Extremely busy, constantly creating things, always in motion, surrounded by people, working hard and even doing lots of meditation, wellness practices and self care…And… it’s all… blah.  


You read that right!

In this kind of stuck, you’re doing everything “right” and you’ll follow every best practice and you are waiting for some windfall of luck or a sign or “the Universe” or something to show you what comes next because it all feels… stagnant.

The worst part of this kind of stuckness in my experience is that it’s very hard to name.  You’ll likely find yourself too busy lamenting that you’ve done everything “right” and nothing is happening. Or crying.  Or wanting to quit.  Or trying to convince yourself that it’s OK to settle for what you can get from life and it’s not good to want too much…

But beneath it all, the thing that the obviously stuck and the not-so-obviously stuck have in common: there’s no specific picture, mission or clear sense of what is wanted that’s so so so compelling that there’s no time or reason to ever feel the blahs…!


Are you ready to make a paradigm shift?!

I wasin the past.  I am now, again, actually.  I’m very ready to make a new paradigm shift.

I love my life- one I created when I made my last paradigm shift a few years ago-  but I now see about one thousand other big things to do stretching out in front of me and everything is a little bit too dreamy at the moment.  When it’s too dreamy, I know it’s time to make a change.

Creating a new paradigm is pretty much a daily decision. And daily doing.  But with a vision in mind that’s so compelling and so very clear that it turns work into joy.

To start… you might want to try some reflection in a way that you’ve never done before.  Deeper, more quiet and more private.

Get personal. What you want is not: what your partner, friends, co-workers, parents or society wants you to think you should do.  What you’re meant to create is not subject to the rules of other people unless you let it be subject to these rules.

A very brilliant and hyper-inspiring friend said to me yesterday: “If you don’t decide what you want then you’ll be subject to everyone else’s plans.”

Yes, that’s very true.

I’ve seen so many people start: comparing, looking at what other people do and trying to copy it, wanting what they’ve achieved… looking for reasons you do or don’t stack up…  

Guess where that leads you?

Yes: to a greater place of stuckness.

Instead, stop asking other people and start getting real.  Strip away the expectations.  Let go of old goals or life plans that just don’t work for you.  Dare to go that deep.

Get comprehensive. A few years back on my birthday I shared an exercise I love that breaks down life into a pie.  Thank you Julia Cameron for helping me to see the vital importance of fulfillment!

Get extremely detailed.

I like to write and write, and I’ll tell you, life doesn’t work the same when I neglect to create detailed plans.  In fact, I’ll have a whole spiral bound notebook for the next six months filled in the next few days since I have been experiencing the stuckness myself without this detailed set of next steps!

Get moving.

This all may sound simple and in essence it is, but the foundation of all of life changes.

Action is everything.

Physically staying in motion prevents physical stagnation. 

Mentally staying challenged prevents stale ideas from lingering. 

Emotionally staying flexible and open keeps you from bottling things up. 

Spiritual action brings a life that never lacks light. 

I know it’s one thing to read something, another to try it and yet another to stick with it… and you may have your own best ways to accomplish it…

But, if you are looking to make a big change, the one thing that’s for certain is that you’re the one with all the power in the world to make it happen!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Dana

    “Creating a new paradigm is pretty much a daily decision. And daily doing. But with a vision in mind that’s so compelling and so very clear that it turns work into joy.” – Holy moly, yes, yes, yes!!! <3


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