5 Reasons To Put Your Focus On The New!

Sep 5, 2016 | Creativity

build the new

We’re all aware by now that living in the past isn’t that awesome, but when your present life isn’t what you want it to be, that backward-looking living and ruminating and analyzing is a big temptation and sometimes a bad habit worth breaking!

While it’s fun to go down memory lane in a great way, and it’s useful to review the past to heal and learn and grow, those backward-thinking projections into the past aren’t a lifestyle that will bring you to brilliance… especially if you aren’t quite living your dreams just yet.

To get closer every day to more and more excitement, creativity and presence… look forward!  Dreams are made today, right now, not thinking about what could have been, what was, or what you miss…

In fact, the best way to honor the legacy of everything you miss is to show up now and crate brilliance today.

Here are some big reasons you might want to deliberately stop yourself when you get into “backward thinking” and start showing up for the day 100%!

propogating succulents

These little guys in the tray will- in large part- become suculents in the coming months.  It all started when I got really connected to my succulents again (I have like 30 of them, so it was time!) and cleaned up their leaves that were ready to become new plants. Literally, they were ready.  Some were sprouting roots still attached to their big plants.  They were looking forward to the new, and I got very present with them and jumped in to help them along!

Presence is where and how things grow and change.  You don’t become physically fit by remembering those days when you used to go to the gym and then entering a mental loop of reasons why you can’t recapture these days again!  You do it by walking into the gym, or onto the field, or the sidewalk, or the yoga studio and doing it.  And repeating it.

Make it fun and easy: If you’re having a hard time sticking to a plan to make a change, look to see if  you’re picking methods to go about doing things that are super-complex.  I chose a yoga studio across the city with two specific classes I wanted to attend.  Guess how present I was with this plan?  Yes, I only went once!

Looking backward as a habit strengthens the past and drains the present of it’s power. This is a super-simple concept: what you focus in on will grow.  Not only will that focus grow in importance, it will grow as a habit grooved into your brain.

If you’re lingering in past disappointments, horrible relationship experiences or traumas, I urge you to go and deal with them with therapy, councelling, and every kind of support you need.  Thinking about them often or even near-obsessively will serve only to empower those people and situations.

Being present shows you the full truth of things.  In the complete present you can see where you can make improvements without feeling like they’re ovsewhelming.  In the present you can see how lovely things are and how much you can creatively solve problems.  If you’re space-out, checked-out or looking backward, you won’t see the stuff in front of you clearly.

If you’ve read my DIY feng shui guide, Feng Shui 101, you’ve likely read about how my mom preserved our house like a late 1970’s museum when my Dad went to white-collar prison.  It was her way of trying to preserve the past, but it kept her from seeing what was right in front of her that was great and what was absolutely treacherous (like a new and insanely abusive boyfriend).  Living in the past would ultimately be the demise of many things.

Presence is where you get alignment.  Plants don’t grow in the past.  Trees dont grow leaves backwards.  Nature is always moving forward in a flow.  We all get out alignment- body, mind and spirit- from looking to the now and building the new!

The Vibrations of Consciousness

Presence is where all the positive emotions live!  This chart developed by David R. Hawkins (more here!)  that was clinically tested on over a million people states the “calibrations” of energy that excist at different emotional states.

At over 200 on the chart, we get into positive emotions.  Over 200, we also start living in the present.  It’s worth mentioning that over 200 on this chart you gain real power, life becomes easier, things flourish and you reach into your crearive magic in the biggest ways possible.

200 is the emotional level of courage!!!

Be courageous!!!

Dare to be in the wobbly space of the unfamilar and exciting future.

Let that feeling become your barometer of awesomeness.

Stay light.

Stay present.

Shift your thoughts off the past and into the right now where you can make your dreams come true!

xoxo Dana

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