7 Habits That Are Game-Changing For Dream-Making Days!

Sep 7, 2016 | Creativity

rainbow pile of yarn

When I see a wall of art supplies, rainbow yarns, spectrums of gemstones, piles of flowers… I get so excited!!!  It’s almost impossible to be surrounded my sensory goodness and feel no pull toward new ideas and creativity!

There are infinite numbers of habits and practices that can keep your life humming along, helping you shake free of stagnation and really expand into new ways of living.

We experience every single bit of life through our senses, so when you activate your senses with habits that lift up your life and expand your energy field, you’ll find yourself on track in ways you perhaps didn’t think were possible before!

Here are a few of the most game-changing habits I’ve personally embraced – or refined- in this past year that were critical to making lots of big things happen with way more ease than I ever thought possible.  I recommend them to clients, friends, family… and I recommend that everyone make their habits their own with personal touches.

poppin dream journal

A schedule that you hold in your hands.  There’s a tactile experience to a day planner.  You hold it, touch it, write in it and carry it around.  Is it archaic and impractical? I don’t think so.  Carrying an actual day planner and scheduling my hand is one of the more game-changing of habits.  It’s a sensory experience with personal engagement.

My favorites: anything from Poppin.

zodiac essential oils from gaia

(Gaia essential oil zodiac chart)

Signature scent.   For me, essential oils throughout the day have created signature scents and mood shifts all day.  For the shower (a few drops of lemon eucalyptus in the shower on the floor), on wrists during the day (rose geranuim), in my face and beauty oils (roses and lavender) in evening baths (cedarwood oil for grounding and clearing) and on my feet before bed (a sleep blend or pure frankincense).

Do you need to do all of this? Not at all.  But even one essential oil that brings you the feelings you crave can be a habit that shifts the day.

Nature co-creation.  Every day, create with nature and things soar forward.  Sometimes I’ll make a grid with crystals, a mandala with leaves, I’ll spray and water plants, I’ll hike in the trees and take time with them… All of this is connecting and creating with Nature in mind and linked into life!

Clearing every day.   I burn sage daily lately, as it feels most right to do every single day.  Whatever helps you clear space in your life – prayer, meditation, surfing, baths, running- do that!!!

Learning something valuably new. I don’t know about you, but I learn incredible numbers of facts that are not all useful every day (!) from social media, but this year I’ve made it a point to learn something I need to know every single day as well.

Keep a book on your desk and read the chapter you need to know. Deliberately ask the questions you need answers to…

Make sure you’ve grown in even one small way and in a year, you’ve grown in 365 ways!!!

Exercising intuition. While not everyone thinks of the 6th sense- our Spidey sense of intuiton- it’s extremely important.  Exercise your intuition in fun ways every day and you’ll have an easier time making all of life happen! Some ideas are HERE to get in shape and take your intuitive prowess to the next level.

encouragement cards

(send people cards of encouragement like these from etsy!)

Practicing love.  Literally, daily.  I do “I love you” time with the dogs.  I make mental notes and send them to everyone I love around the planet and beyond it… I spend some time in self loving affirmation, I tell people I love them.  This kind of simple active practice transforms days and instantly lifts you into a soaring space!

Whatever your habits that lift your own life and keep you on track, practice them daily and let them help you to stay in the magic space of momentum!!!

xoxo Dana

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