When Is The Last Time You Made Someone’s Day?

Sep 13, 2016 | Creativity

When I have my day “made” so much brighter by a comment, a surprise gift that I’ve always wanted, an act of love, a text, a message, a call…

That’s everything.

Even a beautiful image can make a day spring to life, which is why I really love the crystal loving Instagram accounts so twinkling bright that give me a day-making image at times that leaps through the screen of my phone.

It’s awesome when you’re the recipient of the energy of “having your day made” by someone else’s kindness, generosity and love, but it’s even more amazing to actually make someone’s day!

That is an amazing switch to turn the volume up in your life creatively and energetically: live with the intention to make someone’s day every day!!!

When I got a text in the morning of my birthday to “open the door” and I found this tree waiting for me, that was an instant rush of YES!

What a cool moment! I’m so grateful.

Surprise your friends and family.

Bring a little gift.  Leave someone a note.  Gather up a handful of flowers.

Simple stuff, but if you get into doing this, it becomes the most “day-making” energy there is.

Get into the idea of making people’s day, and not just on special occasions.

Every day is a special occasion.

WORK like you’re going to make someone’s day.

When you sit down to work, instead of thinking of getting through your list… how can you give to a client, your boss, your co-workers in ways that are going to make their day?

At my last day job, I survived energetically and started to thrive when I started bringing people books, flowers, plants, crystals… the whole office would get snacks, cheesecakes made of cashews…

It was my way of giving a bit more because the work itself was soooo mindless and it wasn’t possible to overdeliver on it…

But in my work now, I’m always looking to find a way to give more.

It’s intrinsic to me.

It’s what makes me love what I do.

Before I started shifting into this way of living, I was scared of being “out on my own”, reliant on my creativity to make my career happen. But, when it became about making other people’s days better… it became somewhat effortless to always be filled with ideas, projects, action.

Try it?!

Make someone’s day!

Live this way. Work as if you’re gonna make someone’s day today. Give in clever ways to make someone’s day.  Let that be the guiding force.

I bet you’ll get really into it.

It’s the best feeling in the world to spread joy!

xoxo Dana

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