Six Feng Shui Ways To Keep Your Energy Super-High & Your Life Super-Magnetic!

Sep 18, 2016 | Creativity

If you’ve made positive changes that are deep- from a big home de-cluttering to some healing work or positive therapy- and you are lighter, brighter and happier, the world shifts.

Suddenly you are brighter and with that new awareness, things look and feel different.

You may even have new ideas, new goals and possibly even remember old dreams or talents you shelved when life became full of clutter.

Every time I take one of these leaps to go higher and get brighter, be it through spiritual practice, feng shui, big nutritional changes, exercise, art-making, love … or all of the above…!!!… there’s a sense that the new needs to be integrated.  It’s almost like a new paradigm needs to settle in.

It does!

Whether you’ve just de-cluttered your life or you’ve moved or you’re in the process of a big life change, these habits can help you to re-adjust to more happiness, light, ease and abundance.

Sleep much more and sleep when you need it.  My dog is no joke when it comes to sleeping, and when I’m integrating new patterns into my life, doing big energy clearing, clutter-dumping or other big creative making, Bob and I take naps in epic ways.  I also go to bed way earlier and wake up when I can without an alarm.  All of these deep sleep/rest cycles can help the changes to become one with our bodies and minds.

Watch how things make you feel in a new paradigm and respect it.  The old conversational topics (I used to talk about a new house in a new state, but I love where I am again quite a lot) become different.  The dreams may change.  Complaints fade away and with them, fresh people and fresh ideas and renewed creativity resumes… if you allow it.

Lately I can barely text message, I can’t talk on the phone as often as I used to because my mind is resetting, as much as I love to talk on the phone (!) and I’m having a lot of fun seeing people live.  It’s all a switch I’m flowing with, as I realize when I resist what I need, I start to feel less happy and more exhausted.

Listen to the switches and flow with them…!

Keep fresh color and fresh flowers around you.   Fresh color, fresh flowers… it’s all fresh vibration.  I reach toward color instinctually.  There’s no wrong or right when it comes to adding a rainbow of brightness into your home!

Drink more water than you ever thought you needed. Water is the start of the element cycle in feng shui and it’s the way to make a fresh start any time…!  Drink more water, swim if you can, take a salt bath and reset your day!  When I am doing lots of energy healing work, loads of Buddhist chanting at my temple or a whole lot of space clearing, I have to drink and drink.  If I’m missing water, I will feel: disoriented, upset, tense and agitated.  Water is the instant way to re-acclimate to having a higher vibe, happier, more electrically buzzing, magnetic self.

Demonstrate your new intentions everywhere you look!  When you break old patterns and clear stuffed spaces, you open up to a new, clear, space.  In that vacuum, you will flourish if you choose to create new things deliberately.  Everywhere you look, see your dreams.  Make vision board art (more on this here!), create art-making spaces, do some beautifully deliberate feng shui, add crystals…

And, create your dreams in thoughts, words and actions every day!!!

This is the biggest thing you can do: keep on creating.

The grueling days of “staring at a blank page” will melt if you start writing even nonsense for a while.

The wonder about making art changes to momentum if you start making it.

The uncertainty becomes more of a plan as you take action.

& every step leads you closer, higher and happier…!

Rest, drink, follow your feelings, accept your new best ways and keep rising up!!!

xoxo Dana

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