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Sep 24, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

labradorite from @soliloquyjewelry


Labradorite.  It’s a stone with a cosmic wow-factor and a wild meaning. It’s thought to shield you from negative energies while opening up your psychic abilities, intuition and creativity.

Amazing right?

That’s the ideal way to live… basking in love.

That’s probably the fastest way to brilliance: shielding yourself from the negative and opening up to all the magic within.

The biggest hidden clutter in this equation, though, is something pretty spectacular: there’s negative stuff that we generate all by ourselves.

It isn’t other people’s bad vibes or judgements or habits; we create a whole lot of our own obstacles in our minds.

If you’ve been known to want to think things through endlessly, run through past events in a cycle to try to make sense of them, or even try to figure out the future before you take the first step toward it… you may be the generator of your own negative blocks.


You may be weakening the glow of your own life in all this rationalizing.

The seemingly harmless and seemingly noble habit of trying very diligently and rationally to “figure things out” can be a huge way to get very stuck.

Let go of that pattern of over-thinking.

So much intuitive, psychic, brilliant, creative magic is waiting!

end your over thinking

I’ve experienced so much magic lately it’s impossible to describe it all. I also don’t dwell on it much, because that dwelling is a way to create a loop of thought that starts the rationalization process.

When you get too deep into any loop of thoughts, they can lose their luster.

Something like this:

Wow… that person I met it so amazing!

It was such a great experience. 

I wonder if I will hear from her?   Well, let’s run through our meeting. 

Do you think she meant that she didn’t like me when she said that? 

Oh, wait, maybe she wasn’t so cool. I remember she was distracted a lot. I really liked her though but… 

Well, so maybe it wasn’t so fated. 

But… do you think that…?

Or… is she…?

And just like that, this cool woman you met is suddenly not that cool.

She’s a problem to figure out.

And you can add it to the list of other things to figure out and then, suddenly, life is a very difficult mental exercise.

That’s just the start of the destruction of analyzing and overthinking.

I know people who reduce every great moment of synchronicity in their lives into a blur of “not so cool” that reinforces an idea that all the great things in life are not for them.

Then, there’s the creative process itself and all of those looping thoughts. Simple decisions like, “After weighting my options, I’m going to shoot a video on my iPhone” can lapse into… “But… what if they like it better on this camera? Or should I do film… well, what are other people doing? What if it isn’t good?”

You can’t move forward in these loops.

The trickiest part: they start rationally for me and lots of people I know.

Maybe for you, too?

You’re making a rational decision, or enjoying a moment, or processing an event or an argument… and… then… the loop kicks in.

It’s scariest when you start these loops start limiting your life, as you start playing out the past to let yourself know what you can and can’t have for the future.

You can have anything if you can free your mind to that possibility.

Overthinking sucks your time away and steals your sense of magic and freedom.

I started let go of the loops of thought go once I saw them for what they are:

Major Distractions. 

When you’re over-analyzing, you’re putting way too much energy into trying to predict the future or reconstruct the past instead of creating in the present moment.

I know I’m doing it when I get a spinning head, I feel floaty or exhausted and I’m totally fixated on confusion.   I know I’m way too far in it when I can’t let something go, when I’m wondering if anyone I know has an answer or a solution, when I’m feeling like… it’s endless…

If you want to be free of these loops, you can stop paying attention to them.

I’ve found that’s a good place to start!

Start moving. When I sense a loop of overthinking, I walk away from the computer, I talk a walk, I leave the party, I move away from where I am and start moving. Getting out of mind and into body is so helpful.

Get more productive. If you spend your free time dwelling on the past or trying to figure out the future, get busier in fun ways. See friends that don’t talk about problems (!), go to films, make music, redecorate your house, clear closets…

There are so many ways to spend your time that don’t involve over-thinking!

Make decisions. Simple. Just make them. If you change your mind, that’s fine. But, start somewhere!

If a loop of wonder or worry persists, address it without getting lost in it.   If it’s sticking around, it means that something is beneath it, holding it in place.   My persistent worries about certain aspects of life were an amazing roadmap to making changes. I worried about why I kept getting overwhelmed, and it led me to get help with my work. I worried about past traumatic events and tried to figure them out so much that it led me, finally, into mind-blowing trauma therapy where I finally became free of those emotional thought loops for good.

And… make sure you’ve got a compelling plan. If you’ve got nothing planned that excites you for the future in terms of visions and goals, it’s easy to let the loops of thought meant to “figure out” lots of stuff fill the void in your life.

A big plan and deadlines and excitement keeps you far more elevated and consistent. You can’t get bowled over by looping thoughts when you’ve got a big plan. You’ll be so much more awake to the ways you’re getting pulled off track if you’ve got your eyes on a prize!

Let go of the negativity generated by you (!) and the negativity everywhere decreases dramatically. Let go of the computing, and you’ll be far more magical. Possibilities and ideas and excitement multiplies. And, you’ll feel so much more present, free and full of love!

xoxo Dana

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