Stunning Indigo Shibori Can Blanket Your Home In Intuitive Gorgeousness

Sep 26, 2016 | Home Style

shibori pillow diy

(room for tuesday Shibori DIY) 

Shibori is a Japanese method of dye with indigo that involves the folding, or pressing, or twisting or wrapping of fabric to create mesmirizing patterns. Not only is this a stunning decor technique and a crazy-fun DIY to try, the indigo is a precious color and the patterning is quite ideal to stimulate the Third Eye chakra (so much more on this here!) to make your space a bit more mystical in the process of becoming more gorgeous!

I’m getting ready to shibori the dining room chairs… and maybe a few pillows…and maybe some napkins… so… needless to say all this indigo has me incredibly excited!

shibori tent

(feeling groovy tents— so awesome!)

 I’ve only camped once, but I can’t tell you how badly I want a shibori tent!  These are handmade and quite extraordinary!

hand dyed sofa


I’m wondering if I can create a shibori to upholster the base of my sofa… but… at the very least, I’m mixing in some shibori pillows!

placemats diy

(lovely indeed shibori DIY) 

These placemats are pure charm for the table.  And a bit of blue moderates the appetite while it creates a sense of cool calm.


(honestly wtf shibori DIY awesomeness)

THIS DIY walks you through the ins and outs of all kinds of indigo shibori patterns.

shibori chairs

(house beautiful)

Here’s the inspo for my chairs at home.  It’s so easy to reupholster with some great fabric and a staple gun, and I’m going to give my chairs a fresh layer of gold paint beforehand to keep things twinkling and more charmig than ever…!

How can you shibori?

An old dress, scarf, curtains, bedding, blankets… napkins, wall hangings, pillows…

There are endless ways to add this breezy bliss to your home!

xoxo Dana


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