How Clear Is The Vision You Have For Your Future?

Sep 27, 2016 | Creativity

as long as you can envision it

True story: every single superstar I’ve ever known they were truly famous (which is commonplace living in the middle of Los Angeles, to know superstars before they’ve become famous) had a searingly clear vision of who they were and what they wanted to achieve.

Same goes for artists: those who had a vision for their career fulfilled it far more exceedingly than those who were less inclined to define their focus.

I get the reluctance: after all, if you’re focused on one path, could you miss out on other better options?

Why commit, after all, since something better could be around the corner…right?

That seems to be the hesitancy and fear in regard to planning and refining creative goals, or goals and dreams in general.   What if I focused on writing a book and missed out on commercials?  What if I put my eggs in the basket of one discipline (like feng shui) and missed out on art jobs?  It was my fear.  It kept me… the master of nothing… for a long time.

I hear it all the time: I don’t want to limit myself with goals.  I want to be creatively free as an artist. 

I said the same thing for a long time, but once I was clear on what I wanted and my focus became very highly defined and exciting, I finally had creative freedom.  I also found my own gifts and my own genius in this focus.

If you’re trying to do a whole lot of things at once with hands in many pots, you might feel like nothing is sparking as big, nothing is as exciting, or, quite often, nothing is getting done because it’s too overwhelming.

Chances are great that you’ll find your genius amplified in far more focus and a brilliant vision for your creative life.

How clear is your vision of what you want to create?

Are you not sure what you’re really working toward? Do you need more focus and clarity?

These feng shui ideas will help gear you toward a vision of your future that is so compelling it pulls you forward like a magnet!

wish jar

* If you’re not sure what to focus on, be organic and simple to start.

Where do you excel most easily?  What’s most intriguing? What would be the ideal scene for your creativity is there were no limitations in the universe? 

Or, ask yourself the best question: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do creatively?

That can help you pull together a core motivating theme to propel your plans with lots of real purpose.

*Try a vision board in an actually effective way. This can get you going:

*Clean your windows.

It’s one of the simplest feng shui exercises to create mental clarity and it’s also a great activity to get into a creative headspace.

day planner

*Clear your calendar.

I had a life coach for a few months that were invaluable many years ago.  I showed her my calendar and we had a good laugh.  It was scribbled, scratched out, disorganized and full of things I didn’t want to do.  I had no notifications of the important regular things I had to remember to do- like scheduling apointments, paying taxes, etc.  It was sort of a joke, and no wonder I wasn’t moving forward.

Now, when I’m moving away from clarity, my calendar is the first thing I clear.  Designing your time deliberately- and neatly- will change your life.

This is all great feng shui stuff to create a clean slate and a fresh start for your focus.

Keep in mind:

  • You might not know every step along the way of building your dreams, but you don’t have to: the focus and future vision will pull you forward tremendously.
  • You can fill in the steps as you go, but without an underpinning of a target to aim toward, you’ll dispurse your energy rather than sending it straight.

Not having a clear vision leads to: Too many baskets for too many eggs.  To much to do that’s unrelated to any sort of outcome you actually want.  Too much busy and too little progress.

Flip it all around,  aim high and straight, and become more genius with some super-compelling dreams laid out clearly.

This isn’t a new idea- but I can tell you, so many people who are professionally creative (ie: all of us) fear this kind of focus and vision as a limitation.

I promise you, it isn’t.

See those dreams so super-clearly and bring them to life!

And to supercharge those dreams… this is key!

Clear Space!

xoxo Dana

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