Feng Shui To Use Your Least Motivated Days As A Springboard To Genius!

Sep 29, 2016 | Creativity

If you’re not too excited for the day, chances are you’re not alone.  The slow feelings that can wash over even the most creatively wondrous lives are a part of the natural cycle of things… but… we’ve learned to move against nature.

As a result, we’re tired and pushing ourselves uphill to get things done that require a ton of energy, we’re introspective and we throw ourselves into too many commitments, we’re feeling like rest and we show up to hike at a bootcamp training class.

We power through it all.

And, in the process, we create very negative associations with really positive things like exercise, creativity and work.

Those days where everything would feel better while curled up in bed are the perfect days to be more introspective, to seize the opportunity to get organized, to meditate, to recharge and reboot.  It’s not just physical exhaustion— creative fatigue, decision fatigue and just plain mental maxing-out of bandwidth all create the need to slow down.

If you’re having one of those days, or you daydream about time off in general, it may be time to listen to your life and make the most of your feelings!

Stress is the most destructive energy and it rises from opposition.  When you can find more ways to honor your feelings, there will be less of that stress and much more of the magnetic glow.

Start with rest. Take meditation breaks, power naps, go to bed earlier and rest your mind with the phone off and the electronics powered down.  Notice how your body and mind feel in more quiet.  Honor those feelings.

Listen to yourself. Have you been trying to avoid certain emotions or situations by staying overly busy? Do you have time to think that quickly turns into time to ruminate on the past and get upset? Now’s a great time to schedule a visit to a support group, healer or therapist to get help with whatever might be lingering.

Renovate.  After a nap, my big project today is a detailed polishing and energy clearing of my patio and plants.  There’s frankincense being burned, a tremendous sponge bath follows, then clearing of the entire area with lots of sea salt, lots of plant watering and curating, and then a finishing touch of new chindi rag rugs will amp up the space once everything is done.  It will take me about 45 minutes, it will cost about $38.00… and the results will be beyond inspiring. How do I know? I do these tiny renovations almost every month in some ways, most that cost absolutely nothing at all!

Can you do a little renovation where you feel things are stale? New bedding? New desk organization? New art? Let yourself be guided toward spaces you can uplift while you’re feeling a bit slow and watery.

Drink.  Water is everything.  This state of being self-reflective is all about water.  Baths in salts and aromatherapy are also spectacular!

And… naturally get back into your flow.

You aren’t losing time by following your energy.

In fact, you’re actually gaining brilliance!

xoxo Dana

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