4 Big Feng Shui Ways To Get Back On Track When You’ve Experienced A Lot Of Bad Energy

Oct 3, 2016 | Prosperity


The whole idea behind feng shui is very simply focused on creating optimal energy.

Negativity is the oppositive of optimal energy. It’s the roadblock, the obstacle and the somwhat invisible force of turmoil.

Since we are all energy, since all of life is all energy, since every object in your life is made of energy, when things go awry, there’s something happening with the energy!

Maybe that energy has been stuck, stifled, smushed…? Maybe you’ve been operating on a high for so long without a break that you’ve finally reached depletion and there’s less energy to work with? Maybe you’ve been around negative energy for so long that you’ve been literally, energetically calibrated lower, closer to force than to freedom? (HERE is much more on the energy of Power versus the energy of Force as taught by David Hawkins)

Let me back up for a second and explain with an example: Have you seen how some people are happy and have relatively easy lives where things fall into place, and, conversely, how there are people who live in a rollercoaster or emotions or in a state of perpetual upset that find themselves constantly chasing to fix things gone very wrong around you? That’s the difference between light and happy energy and heavy, strained energy.

The thing we don’t often take into account is how our personal energy- smooth and happy, strained or even smushed, affects the state of the “things’ in our lives, including our bodies and our homes.

I was once in such a damning negative-energy-filled relationship that mysteriously I experienced dents on my car (literally, three of them, totally mysterious), I had mysterious illnesses, I was making so much money but always had none… and it seemed to blindside me like sinking in quicksand. It was literally like quicksand, as it became harder and harder to leave as I started to get into synch with this negative vibe despite my intentions.

Have you been there, sinking in negativity even though you don’t want to… or thinking that you can rise above it while sitting in it?

Let’s focus in now on the light, the elevation from negative stuff and moving to a place of more peace. And, in the process, let’s start clearing life so that it’s free of that negative quicksand.

Do you need to rise out of the negative?

sage wands

Really clear your environmental energy.

A friend went to an art opening in an abandoned hospital- including a morgue- where she quickly left and spent the night and next day having nightmares. While I don’t need to fill your life with ghost stories, let just say this: energy lingers and we get entangled with our environments.

It’s why space clearing is so vital.

If you feel creepy somewhere, you may be picking up the leftover tangled energy if the inhabitants that were once there.

So, if you bought your home (or rent) from someone else, it’s vital to clear it to clear those quantum energy entanglements of the previous inhabitants. It’s how you can make your place much more your own. You’ll be free of any negative attachments and patterns of a previous person, and you’ll be able to be much more “at home” where you are.

If you’ve had negative energy in your home, you’ll want to clear and clear and clear it until you feel that energy is gone.  Clean, burn that sage and get deep into clearing anything you don’t need or want.

This is one big way to bounce back from big stress and negative energy.

nice cream

Clear yourself.

Spiritual practice keeps my life clear. I also do daily quantum clearings, energy clearing in salt baths and walks.

When I was leaving that devastating relationship, my first priority was elevating myself back to my normal happy, creative energy. If I have an argument, phase one is raising up energy to a high place to get a resolution. If anything goes wrong, self-clearing of the negative helps set things right so much faster.

How can you keep your own self more clear of the negative?

It’s often simple habits that can restore your energy. For me, sometimes it’s a big salad, some fruit, a smoothie, nice cream… Sometimes a nap… Indulge in every single one of your own life-lifting habits that you can.

end your digital addiction

Connection makes a huge difference in your energy.

As this says clearly: put down the phone, or the computer, and connect to people!

Empathy is super-helpful to let the negative go.

Not only is it important to feel everything, it’s vital to be able to let go of the things that are weighing you down.

Feel whatever pain is being stuffed down, whatever anger has been suppressed, whatever hurt has been denied… and feel it until you’re done with it.

Now, try some empathy. Not many people can put themselves in the shoes of the negative people, groups, spaces or situations easily and readily to see things from another perspective, but that’s a vital part of forgiveness and letting go.

Express yourself in a journal, with friends, with a therapist… and then, change your game. Rise up in energy and see things from the other side. It can help set you free.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the rising tide of negativity.

It can come on slowly… the mysterious first car dent, the strange feeling of illness for no reason or the headache you’ve never had before… and if you let it go unchecked, it becomes bigger. It erodes your personal energy. It closes the doors on opportunity. It makes every day exceedingly difficult.

In fact, if life is much harder than it feels like it should be, see if you’ve been ignoring or making excuses for the negative.

Once you spot it, you can clear it. And once you clear it, you are able to rocket forward!!!



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