Are You Trying To Rush Things That Need More Time?

Oct 4, 2016 | Creativity

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Here’s my big question of the day: Are you trying to rush things that take more time?

Or, is that what you’ve done in some way in the past and haven’t quite resolved it?

I am not a big fan of waiting at all.  So, in lieu of waiting, I’ve found myself, in the past, trying to make things happen faster.

While that seemed smart when I was in the prcess of doing it— it was proactive, it was hard work, it was determination— it was ultimately, and near unequivocally, a failure.

Deadlines are awesome, especially if you’ve been putting things off. Deadlines that are wildly unrealistic, though, can be subtle (or un-subtle) self-sabotage.

When things truly need time, it can be very wise to give them the time they need. Having done the exact opposite in the past, I can tell you that it’s true.

In feng shui, taking your time it’s a form of honoring flow and honoring energy. It’s also a way to create the type of outcomes that you want: the brilliant ones!!!

trust the timing of your life

Great things sometimes take more time.

The hardest part can be asking for more time.

Or allowing yourself to have more time.

Ask anyway. Give yourself the time if you can.

If you’re doing all you can to create something amazing and an extra day or a few more hours or a new schedule can make it an exponentially better product, do that!

Having had my time wasted, I am very cautious about wasting other people’s time.

I used to think that asking for more time to complete things was a form of wasting other people’s time…(you know, if you hate to wait you likely hate to ask other people to wait) but, when I came to see that my products would be inferior if I rushed, I started being more mindful of my own process.

Here’s a simple example: I used to do all I could and literally push my way though giant (sometimes 40+ page) client reports to get them done immediately.  “No one likes to wait” was the driving idea behind my rush. After doing this several times, I realized I needed to ask for more time. Not only did I feel better while working through the reports with more time, I had the space in my mind to add tons of much more magic to the finished product. Don’t get me wrong, all my reports were complete… but, the ones that took more time were exponentially more alive with my energy and far more pleasant to create!

Pressure does not equal success.  

It’s actually quite the opposite.

Extreme pressure has been proven time and again to create more mistakes, hamper creativity, squelch performance… The idea that people “choke” under pressure is a part of that science that has been proven.

I’ve come to see that this faster, faster, faster feeling is all stress and pressure. It’s not creative.

Of course, I could only see it in other people. In other people I could see the stress it causes. I could see the mistakes being made.

In myself… I would just start spinning in my head and lose the plot of what I was doing.

Rushing is the opposite of prosperity. 

Catherine Ponder, one of the classic voices of creating prosperity, admonishes her readers to stop rushing.

There’s also a saying so popular it’s in some dictionaries: “Haste makes waste.”

When you’re in a hurry, you’re apt to miss the details. When you’re speeding things through, you’ll leave out the secret ingredient to all great things: YOU!

But… what if you’re behind and you have so much to get done? 

Build momentum naturally.

There’s no question that we all could likely be more productive than we are, but it only works well with out energy systems when it happens naturally, not by force or extremes.

I’ve written a lot about building momentum because it’s such important energy. 

Essentially, as long as you keep things moving, you’ll naturally increase. Your running pace will get faster. Your endurance will get longer. Your skills get sharper. Your focus deepens.

When it happens naturally, you’re in that flow state where magic happens.

When it happens by force, you’re in a state of distress rather than creativity.

Here are some energy principles to help you get into the flow:

Embrace silence. When a intuitive friend messaged me and said “you need more silent time” I listened. I heed the signs when they pop up. Silence (even a few minute meditation break) can be a jump start to flow.

Let go of “your way.” See the end product as brilliant as it will be, but be willing to stop forcing the steps to unfold exactly the way you envision them. These rigid thoughts create stagnation. I can’t tell you how many of my Camp members have had the hugest successes when they’d least expected it after letting go of rigid control.

Create freely. Don’t judge yourself as you go. If you are creatively free, you’ll have so much more flow!

Trust how things feel. If the thought of extra time to complete projects makes your body feel better and it’s within the realm of possibly, trust yourself!

I’m wishing you days of creating more and more genius everywhere around you!!!

xoxo Dana

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