Making More Luck Is Something Very Simple To Do!

Oct 12, 2016 | Prosperity


My friend calls is “rubbing the genie lamp.” I call it “magic making.”

If you want more luck, more synchronicity, more of that “everything is falling into place” energy, there’s one fail-safe way to create it.

It’s not abstract, no potions or spells or experts involved…

To make more luck, start getting more done. 

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I had a shoot a while back that was so fun and easy it felt like it was sprinkled with fairy dust… even though it took 10 months to schedule! In the space between making the appointment and getting it done, my own “luck” was wavering for an extremely long time where this was concerned.

It became time to complete long-overdue projects, completing filing, going to appointments. These things were lingering for so long feeling stalled, and I can tell you that the long-stalled projects got their wings (and I got my magic luck feeling) back when I started taking the reins and creating in life again in ways that expanded my personal horizons.

I don’t think about “business.” I think about making things. And, when I wasn’t getting enough of my own making of things done to feel the flow… things felt… sort of…flat but… fine.

What’s worse, while I was very grateful for feeling “fine”, as I produced less and less of the stuff that I had to finish that was big and overwhelming, each of these projects became big and complicated and I no longer felt fine.

I became the effect instead of the cause.

Have you been there?

To get the magic back… I had to get my own production back on track.

If you feel like life is against you, chances are, you’re slipping from your own productive, creative magic.

The reasons can be many, but the solution can be the same: get more done.

Get the meaningful stuff done. 

If you want to flip the script on your days that aren’t working out, try a simple energy shift.

Get one thing done to clean up your space. 

This is a big deal, as something as simple as clearing your desk or taking out the trash can be a point of renewal. This one thing is a starting point. You can open the windows or vacuum the floors. It will open up space in a big way!

Make a list of everything that needs to get finished. 

This is a way of organizing time and space.Time and space are all relative. They are something we perceive. A minute can last an eternity or it can fly past in a second.See everything on paper and suddenly you have it out of your head and in the physical universe to be accomplished.

Start anywhere you want… but start getting the things done that are lingering. Steps every day build to something much bigger.

Keep this in mind though:

Do at least one thing on the list every day that you can do from start to finish. 

Finish the report. Finish the emails. Finish the filing. Finish the phone calls.

Getting at least one thing crossed off that list (even if it’s an easy one) makes the space more clear.

Every day, recount all you’ve done. 

Even if you’ve only made baby steps of progress that aren’t impressive to you yet on a big project, write it down or tell someone you love.Even if you’ve only made a phone call, remember that you did it.

Keep your awareness on all the progress, the production, the creativity and the solutions.

Scheduling a date for an appointment is progress!

Yes, this all seems way too simple and this isn’t magic, I’m sure, some of you are thinking.

But… it’s the genie lamp. You get the energy moving, you start the momentum, you activate the flow…and suddenly the next steps can be bigger and bolder.

Luck is definitely something you make. Productivity is that luck-making force.

xoxo Dana

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