7 Feng Shui Ways To Embrace Change & Move Your Life Higher

Oct 16, 2016 | Creativity

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In my mind, every season is the best season now. Every kind of weather- barring the extremes that are a product of environmental crisis- is the best weather. Every hour of the day is a great hour. Every day has equal value… even if there’s more strife in some and more joy in others.

I didn’t used to think this way. I resisted change and would burst into tears when things were going to be altered from their usual course that I enjoyed.

Lots of us, even those of us who are change-makers and change-lovers, resist even the most positive changes. After all, a big promotion could mean less time with your loved ones, a huge new relationship could mean less alone time or time for friends and family…

If you want to flow with everything around you and embrace change in a big way, you’ll find more abundance coming much more easily to your life. With shifts in your space and energy, change becomes easier in every way.


(the mandalas of @woodlights_woudlicht)

Feeling everything- all emotions- is ok. It’s awesome actually. Every bit of change in feng shui requires grieving the old stuff that’s transforming or being let go. By avoiding painful emotions, they numb out your life and make all change fueled with anxiety rather than fun.

Flow is more important than control. If you’re a fan of micromanaging details, you might be squeezing the magic out of life. Try planning less, try adding more abstract art to your life and try creating more flow in watery nature scenes.

There’s no scarcity. There’s no such thing as scarcity. Resisting change is often believing that there’s not enough good left or there’s not enough good for you waiting in the world.

Perfect isn’t real. If you want changes in your life to be perfect, or at least, to come in packages that appear more perfect, you may be setting yourself up for deep disappointment and you’ll avoid taking lots of risks, opportunities may slip through your fingers… all in the name of it not being quite good enough. Before you categorically reject new things, explore them!  (I once rejected the Internet. Seriously. I’ve come around :))


Compassion is the energy that brings abundance.  If you think that cold-hearted people seem to have all the luck with money and abundance, that’s not the paradigm of truth. The more compassionate you are, the more that you’ll build your own self-empowerment. The more empathy you have, the more you will prosper in every way. This is big stuff.   In feng shui they are diagonal corners on the bagua map that defines space, and these energies work together to create life in bigger ways.  How can you have more self-compassion in time of big change? How can you have more compassion for others? 

Adapting is more natural than wishing things would change. By adapting, I don’t mean “getting used to suffering” but rather, putting on thermals when it’s freezing cold and carrying a thermos of tea and staying happy in spite of weather. Adapting is learning to work in the airport rather than letting work fall by the wayside when you have to travel. Adapting is easily bending and flowing rather than bemoaning.

Adapting helps reduce stress, and with reduced stress you have increased success all-round!

Obstacles are opportunities. This speaks for itself. If you don’t feel that way, just read the incredible stories of people who have turned obstacles into empires, and perhaps with a flip in perspective you’ll see things differently.

And always… stay grateful. Whether the change is initially welcome or earth-shattering, there’s always something and many someones to be grateful for every day!

xoxo Dana

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