10 Simple Feng Shui Shifts To Multiply The Good Vibes In Your Life!

Oct 20, 2016 | Prosperity, Sensory Goodness

Positive energy makes us stronger.

It’s been proven time and again by clinical science, cellular biology, psychology, sociology… it’s becoming a tenant of modern medicine and healing arts, and it’s the cornerstone of making awesome things happen in self-growth philosophies.

Good vibes make you strong.

I grew up with a lot of love and a home that was entangled with bad vibes. It was a stale, persistent feeling of stuckness that ultimately moved me to create this whole universe of Feng Shui. I needed the uplift. And everyone around me needed it, too.

I’ve searched for uplift since I was a small child, circling my dream bedding and decor in catalogues that would come in the mail to match a dreamy life I wanted to have, later tearing out my own carpets and remodeling my room and my sister’s room as a 13 year old… looking for books, meditations, crystals, answers… since I was old enough to search for them. I checked books out of the Secaucus Public Library and walked to the mall to find inspiration.

This isn’t something new for me. My soul needed expression, my life needed more light, and I was always hunting it down.

Now… I hunt more of it for all of us, experimenting, shifting and raising the energy so that you can soar and find more bright spots where things have gotten dusty or dark, literally or figuratively, restoring them to brilliance!

If you need to lift up your spirits, revive a day or start moving where things have idled in one place, these small space shifts can be an easy refresh. With every bit of good vibes you add to your space, you get stronger, more clear and more abundantly open to the new!

1. Clear your crystals. If you’ve picked up a few gemstones along the way or your wear jewelry with gems, they need a refresh as much as anything else needs a refresh!   Crystals conduct energy, and if they’ve been tired out or overly full of messaging, just like us, they lose bandwidth and cease to be their radiant, energetic selves. All the ideas above can help you to keep those crystals clear!

2. Feed your plants. Water is always important, but… feed those plants, too.  Grab yourself some organic houseplant food.  Or, try Epsom salts as houseplant food!  I’ve used them to feed my houseplants when they’ve started turning yellow, and they’re great for roses and tomatoes, too! 

3. Wash your walls. Yes, I am suggesting that you wash your walls from top to bottom. Safely if you’re using a step ladder. And as thoroughly as you can.  HERE is much more on washing walls if you’d like to give this one a try!

4.  Steam 🙂 Steam cleaning is a powerful way to kill germs in your bedding (along with dust mites) and the steam can also “iron” your comforter and pillow cases in the process. Steaming upholstery is an awesome way to disinfect and clear it of stagnation. Steaming involves boiling hot water created by specific machines designed for the purpose. You can rent a steam cleaner in many places, or you can buy one. I’ll have lots of reviews coming soon as steam cleaning is a new energy-raising obsession of mine!   As a starting point, you can certainly get a garment steamer and steam your clothes instead of ironing or over-washing them (it cleans, deodorizes and “irons” all in one!), and you can use that steamer to clean your curtains, too!

5.  Flower power. I have no words for the massive feeling of long-lasting joy that comes from spending a few hours at the Downtown LA Flower Mart. It’s quite surreal how much you can re-vamp a home with weekly fresh flowers, even the most inexpensive of blooms.

6.  Art space.  If you make space to make art, you change your space. Hobbies, art space, sketching, a place to read or write… a patio to paint… This is a revolution.

7. Fluff.  Simple, just fluff things all around you. The dog beds get a fluff, along with pillows, cushions and blankets.

8. Seal the holes. Where you have too many little holes on display, fill them with some simple wall repair cement available in tubes at the hardware store. Yes, this is so easy, I know…and it really does make a huge difference.

9. Revive centerpieces and displays.   While my favorite centerpieces are fresh flowers, they really need a weekly revive to stay spectacular, and it’s quite obvious.  If you have other displays or centerpieces, it may be less obvious that you’ve grown tired of looking at them, that you don’t want them or like them… or they’re just… not that “you.”  In my own house: I’m about to gift a set of giant, un-used candles on my dining room table to a friend this weekend and replace that centerpieces with a stunning orchid.  I’m also completely clearing the mantle and changing the crystal display to match a new season of energy, and doing the same with built-in bookcases that desperately need newness.

What can you do to refresh things on display in your own home?   

10.  Good words are great things.  Good words shift the energy of your home and life!  Add some affirmations to your office or kitchen in art or even a screensaver… and flood your own life with good words that you think and speak often and always!!!

These simple shifts, one or many, as you need them, make your energy stronger and, in turn, make your whole life stronger. All the manifesting magic, all the fun, all the big dreams… they all pour forth when you raise your space & life higher!

xoxo Dana

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