Feng Shui To Let Go Of Pressure & Open Up To Creative Genius!

Oct 23, 2016 | Creativity

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Life is art at it’s best.  And even the most artistic life can be filled with pressure that crates stress.

Pressure has been scientifically proven to cause no great effects.  You can read so many studies here about how pressure depresses life.  Lot’s of us have been raised or conditioned to believe that without pressure, we’re not really achieving anything big.

That’s not actually even scientifically true!

Today, it’s time to get much more relaxed, free and easy.

When you let the pressure out of life, your brain can work better as it’s more plastic and free.  Your creative energy is open without the restriction of pressure.  The feng shui flow of abundance is only rich and dimensional without lots of stress and pressure.  

To unhook from pressure, tap into ideas and routines, colors and textures that support your life and bring you genius…! 

Get total quiet. 

Try 15 minutes a day of eyes-closed meditative quiet.  Nothing fancy, just sit and be quiet and close your eyes and breathe.


How much softness do you have in your life?  

Softness is vital to feeling supported and rejuvenated.   Soft textures are amazing.  Soft colors.  Soft plushness.  Soft nature.  Soft tones of sound.  Soft ideas.

Think of a giant fluffy bean bag.  Imagine yourself laying in it.  It’s the opposite of stress and pressure, right?!

Soft is YIN and YIN is the energy of fertility, creativity, receiving… all that rich, abundant, great stuff!

rituals are powerful

How do your habits support you?

Daily rituals are everything.

I do the occasional extremely late nights and seasons of creative mayhem, and, during those late nights I take breaks to meditate, take salt baths, stretch, have fruit.

It’s not deep pressure.

Deep pressure doesn’t make for anything sustainable and it doesn’t open the doors to lots of genius.

Big tip to try: When you’re under any kind of stress, double or triple the amount of meditative time and self-loving time you give to yourself.

How much do you trust in your own best timing?

I’ve just finished enormous projects that have been overdue for…8 months!  (yes, I am so happy it’s all done!!!)  It just wasn’t the right time any time sooner.  I knew it wasn’t the right time, I found reasons to delay things…and had I done any of the three big things I just finished in the past 10 days any time sooner, they would have sucked.

Truly, they would have been terrible.

I had to take the pressure off and focus on bringing my best to things rather than scrambling in the name of “getting it done”.

Trust in timing. Timing isn’t an outside deadline or other people’s expectations.  Timing is what you feel and what you’re ready for.

That said, if you’ve been avoiding a task because it’s too daunting and you need more time… start to get it done in baby steps (starting with communication when there are others involved!) so that it doesn’t drag down your life.

If the pressure is feeling too high and performance isn’t matching up, see if you can give yourself or get for yourself some more time.  And, if you can’t get more time, at the very least, get more of your supportive, life-nurturing, glowing habits going to keep you in bliss.

Idea for the day: if you have a lingering task that feels like a weight on your to-do list, make a plan to get it done in tiny, stress-free steps.  Do the first one if you can.  Feel how much pressure is relieved by opening up the flow! 

This is one big way to have so much more of what you want… and feel great doing it!



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