A Wellness Bath Collection To Love!

Oct 24, 2016 | The Beautiful

brilliant bath remedies

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To know me is to know I love my detox baths.  While all of these are not detoxing, they are all (with the exception of Jello which I’d only allow in my own home if it’s natural and without dyes) nourishing, relaxing and simple to do!

A few tips:

For the milk bath, you can use milk that’s a bit past it’s expiration date thatyou wouldn’t want to drink, perhaps, but hasn’t soured.  

For the green tea bath, you can brew up the tea first in a pasta-size pot (boiling the water, steeping the bags) and then add it without the bags to the bath to get a more potent dose of tea. 

For the olive oil, if you exfoliate first with a dry brush or you sit in the bath and loofa first befoer adding the oil, you’ll have a greater chance of soaking up the oil into your skin rather than it laying on top of your skin. 

Be creative, love your bathtime & enjoy the self-love!

xoxo Dana


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