10 Ways To Bring More Rejuvenating Nature Into Your Life

Oct 25, 2016 | Creativity

It’s no big secret that nature is a healing agent.

You can read some incredible studies HERE about our lives with Nature.  The most impressive  one that stands out to me: extensive hospital studies showed a rapid increase in healing rates for patients that have a view of green grass outside of a window.

It’s stunning how much Nature is in our DNA.

Dramatic things happen when we connect to Nature.  And that’s why this Nature connection is fundamental to Tao.  Tao is that which connects us to the power of our environment and our life. Tao is what makes life come to live.  Tao is what makes you feel at home. Tao is everything.

More Nature doesn’t require camping.  More Nature doesn’t require special skills.

More of the energy of Nature is available to all of us if we seize upon the opportunity all the time!

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Go exploring in local Nature.  There are hundreds of great hikes near me, and for years I’d done 3 or 4.  Yes, you’re reading this right.  And chance are, theres’ some Nature near you that may be a short drive or a bigger excursion, but it’s somewhere nearby.   Yesterday, I was lost in a Rainforest in Los Angeles at sundown and last week I was making wishes a a famous tree at a city pinnacle.  I’d never seen these things in the 15 years I’ve lived here (!!!) and there are hundreds more things to see.

I have a list now & you might want to make your own.   A quick scan of hiking, biking, boating or other outdoor websites that cover your area can reveal hidden treasures to explore in the woods or on beaches, in hills or deserts. There’s a lot to experience.

Rise with the sun, set with the sun.  If you want to synch up with Nature, start shutting things down as the sun sets and rising as the sun rises.  This is a huge paradigm shift from how most of us live, but it’s deeply rejuvenating.

Eat locally.  Local food is tapped into your local Nature.  When I say “eat locally” I don’t just mean local restaurants (that too!) but, also, local produce from Farmer’s Markets and local growers.


Use windowsills to grow herbs.  Just one single basil plant revampted by late Summer early Fall eating…and it continues to do so!

Use parks.  There are parks and botanical gardens in so many cities that are waiting to be explored.  I still haven’t been to the gardens in Los Angeles and I’m ready to go!  There are parks in so many cities where you can walk, hang out with books, see ponds and streams, sit on a blanket and relax…  it makes such and incredible difference.

Try natural relaxation music that’s in synch with the Earth. 

The 528 Hz music on You Tube is really relaxing.  It’s meant to be the frequency of Nature and, as such, it’s meant to bring big energy to your grounded life with Tao connection.

Natural tonics and essences help you tap in.  If you’ve never tried the magic of flower essences or herbal tonics (even something simple like Turmeric Tea) you’re in for a treat by adding one to your daily routine and seeing the bubbling energy shift.


Create art freestyle (so you’ll have more natural creativity in your life!)   Creativity is nature in action.  Create more and open up to your natural energy flow.  Freestyle drawing, painting, dancing… all are Nature in action.

Take baths.  Baths with natural ingredients like salts flood your life with flowing energetic rejuvenation.

Breakup with your electronics.  Spend so much less time tethered to all your devices and more time making, growing and doing things.  It’s vital to have much more time to be free, rested and open to the new, and less time in a glowing haze of too much scattered and unfiltered information.

Enjoy so much more of every day in concert with Nature and you’ll feel your genius power, your electricity and your glow expanded magnificently!!!



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