How Much Do You Make The Most Of Every Day?

Oct 27, 2016 | Creativity

mr bones pumpkin patch

There’s something to be found in every single day that builds abundance, fulfillment and excitement.  Really.  There’s always something!  If you’re burned out, bored or frustrated, there’s still something.  If you’re not up for travel, there’s still something.  If you’re single and wishing you were in a relationship, there’s much you can do to make the most of your time that’s all for you.

Every single day there’s something you can do that will bring more light, energy and forward motion to your days.  There’s always something memorable to be explored, pursued or created.

I’m now known for seeking out little seen experiences, rare hikes, saying yes to adventures, diving into books, immersive spiritual experiences… and I used to do very little of this.  In fact, I did very little of most things because I didn’t see the opportunities everywhere around me.  Like the famous Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch yesterday, the Silverlake Music Conservatory, the Rainforest Hike… all this week… and the week is not over yet!!!

Start your day with the thought that you’re going to make the most of the day and, from there, make it happen! 

mr bones pumpkin patch

You deserve an amazing life, not one that has limitations to happiness.

Let’s start here.  If you’ve had some trauma in your life, I’m right there with you.  In fact, the more trauma I experienced, the more my world would shrink.  It was subtle.  I started by saying that I just loved being at home, and I do, very much, love it.  But soon, I opted to be at home versus most other things.   I said NO to almost all invitations and I did very little to enjoy my own awesome city.

Consequently, I let the trauma- and the narcissists and bullies and dishonest and heartbreaking people-  win over my own light.  I didn’t reach very far outside of the Internet and I didn’t even see much of the sun nevermind the greatness all around me.

If there’s any reason you feel like you don’t deserve to have a life that is exciting where you can make the most of each and every day, start there and step beyond that belief in your actions.

I started off feeling small each morning but I went out and said yes to things anyway, practically slogging my way out the door at first.  Within a few weeks, I was in a whole new energy field with a whole different daily life that felt unlimited again…!

Take the first steps to make the most of today because you really do deserve it.

Small transformation is big transformation.

Find something to transform every day and you’ll always be growing.

This morning, I scrubbed pots until they were sparkling and it made me realize how big a transformation was possible in twenty minutes.  Suddenly, I have four more pots I haven’t used in a long time because I didn’t have the focus to get this done before now.  Did it change my life? Well, in the coming weeks, I am so much more excited to cook with pots that shine rather than pots with water spots and tarnish on their fronts… so… I believe it did!

In The Feng Shui Breakthrough Camp, there’s an emphasis on daily transformations that move life forward.  They accumulate quickly.  And lives change pretty dramatically.

Scrubbing pots can be the gateway to revamping your life dreams.

mr bones pumpkin patch

Celebration builds success. 

There’s no doubt that celebration is vital.  It leads to more success, it creates momentum, it brings you closer to people, you’ll acknowledge all you’ve done.  When you take some time to commemorate the big and small wins of every day in even the simplest ways (for me, lately, pressed juice ice cream or a long walk with my dog or a new book)  they become memorable.

I thought back to how puppies get trained.  They get rewards for a job well done in treats and acknowledgements that reinforce positive behaviors.  We need to actually do the same for ourselves.  This is how we rewire our brain in new ways!

Adventure is what you make of every day. 

Exploration pulls you out of the reality you’re used to and turns a day into an adventure.  I used to spend a lot of time at the big museums in Los Angeles and dedicate time to a new area, eat lunch with the sculptures in a garden, listen to lectures when I could catch them… and not a single bit of this took a whole lot of resources. It only requred that I followed my curiosity and made the effort.

You can create adventures, art and develop ideas most anywhere.  Your adventure is personal.

I once had a very famous artist sit me down and practically begged me to tell him stories of spiritual awakening.  Apparently, with all the adventure in his life in a worldly sense, this sense of spirit was what was missing.  Adventure can be in prayer or meditative contemplation as much as it can be a party…!

There are resources nearly everywhere to expand, even if you start by expanding your mind. 

If you want to learn more and there are no schools near you, look online.

Biographies are an amazing way to see different paradigms of life beyond your own.

You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for these days in terms of philosophy and information.  You can also find local groups, like-minded clubs, conferences… you name it, there’s likely what you’ve been waiting for that’s waiting for you!

But… instead of holding out for the big events… I hope you’ll try this simple exercise.

Wake up and say: “I’m going to make the most of today.”

And then, see what you find in the day, or what you can create, to have that experience.

Keep raising the bar, finding more and more of the exciting stuff everywhere you go!

This is one of the coolest ways to really balance and Feng Shui your lifestyle.  The abundance will find you.  The fulfillment will flow.  You’ll be much happier and more magnetic.

“I’m going to make the most of today.”

Off I go… and chances are I’ll be doing the same whenever this reaches you!

xoxo Dana

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