Feng Shui For The Times You Feel Haunted By The Past!

Oct 31, 2016 | Feng Shui 101

beautiful pumpkinsBeing haunted by the ghosts and energies of the past isn’t reserved for Halloween.  I hear about it every single day of the year!  And, I’ve experienced my fair share, too!

I’ve always sort of side-stepped using the word “haunted” because even when there’s stuff of mystic proportions in homes (and lingering in lives) there’s a choice involved in engaging with it.

So, it’s not really just that spaces have energy stuck in them or entangled with them that’s not wanted… it’s that people take on that energy and entertain it, get blindsided by it and suddenly feel fear of it (which keeps it very much present) or otherwise allow it to linger.

We can never actually destroy energy.  That Law of Physics that states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed means that we can’t actually erase it from existence.

But, if you’ve got some unwanted energy of any kind looming in your home or life, you can disentangle yourself from it and you can set it free.

Wherever you’re haunted in life- be it a spooky basement, the ghostly remembrance of a horrible relationship or a traumatic time that you’ve wanted to move on from— you can shake loose and let it all go.  


Flashback to my haunted lobby in my beautiful and haunted old building.

I used to live in a very “haunted” and very beautiful historic building in Los Angeles.  Nearly all my neighbors (about one hundred of them!) had told me stories of things they’d seen, transparent apparitions of people, wild orbs and dancing lights.

That said, it never came near me.

I loved being in that building and I kept my space very clear of anything unwanted.

When I was ready to leave that building and the management had a shake up and I became dissatisfied , though, weird things started happening.  I’d find candles on the floor six feet from my Buddhist altar with no explanation.  I’d see flickering lights.  A weird pool of water came up through the floor of my living room where there were no pipes and no leaks.

It was as though, when I let my own energy field get weak (we do all have an energy field around us, and that’s science!) and I stopped being grateful and connected to my space, suddenly the entities and spooky stuff of historic legend came in.  Because I was unhappy there, I focused on each episode and each one grew into something bigger.  I became lazy with space clearing and fixated on moving.  Thinking back on that time, I know I could have prevented a whole lot of that weirdness.

I let my space get haunted!

Then I moved on and vowed it would never happen again.  It hasn’t!

If you’re feeling haunted in your space, you might be uncomfortable, experiencing weird phenomena, or otherwise uneasy with being where you are.

Or, if you feel haunted by the past in some ways that don’t seem to directly relate to your home- like the flashbacks I would have of the most traumatic and abusive relationship of my life that would color my days in a haze of panic and numbness- you might feel stuck in a loop of negative thoughts or otherwise holding yourself back for fear of repeating something terrible.

The first step for me is always space clearing.  Doing a deep cleaning and a big clearing of unwanted energies goes the distance in creating major change.  Burn that sage if it makes you feel good!!!

I also do some clearing on a quantum level… because we literally get entangled with things and people.  You can learn more about entanglement HERE.  This process starts for me with decluttering bad memory objects and getting them out of my life.

Then, there’s forgiveness. 

You may never want to see a person or a place again (and that’s fine!) but you need to truly forgive to stay disentangled.  Even if you manage to stay away from a person or a place, without forgiveness you’ll manage to re-create the drama again or allow it to haunt you.

Forgiveness can take lots of tries in my experience before it sticks when you’ve been deeply wronged in some ways.  Keep doing it until you no longer feel the past haunting you at all.

Forgive the landlord, contractor, the real estate broker, the bully, the narcissist, the fiend.  Forgive them all.  But more than idly saying you forgive them, mean it.  Feel it.  Do it until you’re lighter.  Find compassion for these people.  See life from their shoes without taking things personally.

Then forgive yourself.  Hugely.  Deeply.  Compassionately.

And then, the biggest way I’ve learned to expand and heal life: stay connected.  The more deeply you connect to your life and what you want to create and the goals you’ve set out to accomplish, the more you’ll be blanketed in an energy field so strong that the haunting vibes can’t reach you.  Literally, you’ll glow.

Get into those hobbies, exercise routines, home projects, business ideas, creative plans… and sink in deeply.

Connecting deeply at home and in life builds Tao and Tao is the energy that superpowers your days.

Here’s to your clear space that’s open to bright new things you consciously choose to create, live and grow with!

xoxo Dana





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