Feng Shui To Gather Back Your Energy When You’re Scattered & Overwhelmed!

Nov 4, 2016 | Creativity

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If you’re feeling like you’ve given all you have to give and there’s no more energy left, or you’re pulled in a million directions and even fun things don’t feel fun, I feel you.

Too much drama or two much stuff to do can spin you out, making life feel like it’s shattered glass.

Today, it’s time to gather back your energy and get grounded in a calm place of power again… or… maybe for the first time in a long time!

hydrangea blooms

All these pom-poms of hydrangea together have a super-powerful life force, right? Imagine we just left the three in the bucket on their own.  Still beautiful, but far less of a wow-factor.  The gathered power of the whole is what’s the big wow-factor.

Your energy is your life force, and when it’s collected together it’s like that blanket of flowers all together, glorious and impressive and harmonious and huge.

Your energy is YOU.

So, if that energy is flying all over the place… you are consciously or unconsciously allowing the integrity of all that you are to be “spread thin” as the saying goes.  If we want to stay with the flower analogy, if you’re spread thin enough, it’s like you become sprinkled flower petals on the ground here and there rather than even whole stalks of flowers.  Everything breaks down when we’re spread too thin.

Think about when you’re most focused and calm.  If people and distraction things and idle chatter and noise came into your day, it’s pretty easy to move away from that or to hear it and filter it accordingly.

Now, imagine yourself at your most scattered.  If someone popped up with a request of you or asked you for a favor or made an innoculous comment… how close are you to melting down, snapping or otherwise flipping out?

Big difference, right?  Same you, but two different energies.  The calm & focused energetic you is strong and grounded.  The scattered & overwhelmed you is more fragile and easily swayed off course.

This is not a judgement, it’s the dynamics of life force energy… chi… the stuff that animates all of life… in action.

If you’re feeling scattered and overwhelmed, make a decision right now to gather back your energy.  It’s a decision to restore the integrity of your life.  It’s a pertty big deal.  And… it puts all the swirling pieces of information and needs and demands and noises floating around in deep focus.

Remove the random objects.   On my work table when things are busy there can be a random cup, stuff for my dog, too many to do lists, a pile of mail, business cards.  It’s not that it’s a huge mess… but, rather, it’s a bunch of stuff that pulls life in too many different directions.  It’s an overwhelm of things to do.  It’s way too much to visually process.

Give yourself extra you-time.  I often say that in times of stress you need to double or triple the amount that you do to care for yourself and I’ve found that when I fail to do this, suddenly I become vulnerable to being extremely scattered and overwhelmed.

Respect your inner voice.  If you’ve already hit a place of overwhelm, chances are you’ll need lots of quiet time to hear your inner voice again.  Obligations and commitments have a way of echoing louder than your inner voice.  When I feel under the weather or worn out but the commitments I’ve made are big, I have had a way of not listening to how I feel, soldering on regardless, and totally frying myself.  Take all the quiet time you need to tap in, and make decisions that give you more peace rather than more stress.

For me, it’s a few hours at a Koran spa laying on heated Jade floors and in a big pink salt room that is my tapping in time when I’ve reached a cloudy place of overwhelm.  Or a long walk. Or a long nap.

Stay flexible.  Don’t underestimate the power of stretching your body in ways that feel good.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from wellness experts and healers  aplenty:  stress gets stuck in the body.  It gets stuck in joints, in fascia, in organs… and when it gets stuck, it’s movement and flexibility that sets it free.  Stretch, dance around, walk for a long time… A flexible body mirrors a flexible mind!

You may find once you gather up your energy that all the stuff of worries and over-thinking is not that big of a deal.  You might find more forgiveness for yourself.  You might see how life can be better organized to keep out the noise.  You might be amazed to see that there’s a whole lot you can do to empower yourself and care for yourself.

And… finally… clear yourself of life’s clutter so that you have less of the swirling distractions to manage!  Chipping away at the excess stuff in your space will bring far more grace and peace to your life.  Along with more money, vitality, glowing energy, mental clarity, confidence… and much much more!



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