8 Feng Shui Ways To Fill Your Days With Super-Bright Positive Energy & Power!

Nov 10, 2016 | Creativity, Sensory Goodness

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Staring down the darkness, sharing upset and railing against the dark won’t chase it away. What we focus on will only grow, and none of us want the toxic forces in the word to take over. What we directly push against in hate and entrenched arguments will only push us back… and push us down.

But… bringing more of our own light will keep the dark from taking root in our lives!!!

After all, each and every one of us can only be in control of our own lives.

It’s often why, historically, great art comes out of times of great strife. Art is a form of alchemy, remixing the dark into light, giving voice to the suppressed, all with an impact beyond words.

Art is more light. So is helping the planet. So is love. So is everything that lifts your life higher.

We need an environment that supports our life in order for us to thrive.

This holds true for every cell in your body. We also need higher emotional frequencies in order to survive- energy like love and reason and courage. In order to keep our bodies, minds and spirits functioning well, we also need more clear space and less clutter in every way imaginable that you can perceive clutter.

These principles are not tied to dogma or a specific way to think or to live. They are universal, they’ve been proven, some are many thousands of years old and they will, in their simplicity, likely always prevail.

If you want to bring in more light, here are some ideas rooted in science, ancient tradition and modern wisdom to turn on the light in your life to disempower the darkness .

space clearing

The bad news isn’t for you. It’s one thing to stay informed, and quite another to read people’s imaginative predictions, opinions and forecasts of the future where darkness prevails. I have a friend who was told by an astrologer at 18 that she’d have a major illness before she was 40. That ghost of an illness hovered over her until she was diagnosed with cancer in her 30’s. Luckily she’s thriving and healthy and well now. That’s a pretty powerful demonstration of how difficult it is to fill your life with speculative, “bad news” and thrive at the same time.

Energy routines are vital.  Try this one every day for a week and see how your life changes. When I fail to do this, I feel it immensely.

Don’t hold things in. Get support, help, a journal or a therapist or coach depending on your issues to help you to get things out that are festering and boiling up inside. I had a boyfriend who tried his best to control his uncontrollable anger and instead of it being “under control” it manifest in even more violent and self-destructive ways for him. I’ve never seen things stuffed down magically go away. It’s almost like imagining that stuffed down clothes in a laundry basket will clean themselves.

space clearing

Clear the air daily. Care for your space energetically the way you care for your skin or your teeth. Open windows. Put on a fan. Do some deeper space clearing.  HERE you’ll find my favorite routine for space clearing arriving on video very soon and you won’t want to miss it!

Bring light in with imagination. Take time when you’re feeling depleted to sit with your eyes closed (I do this outside as much as possible) and imagine more light surrounding you on all sides. Where you feel like you need more “power,” imagine the bright light that surrounds you and expands outward, filling the room!

Oneness.  THIS concept that was brought into my life through Martha Beck is quite spectacular.

GREEN YOUR LIFE. Take an extra step to recycle, walk when you can, bring your shopping bags to stores, clean up litter, use less energy, plant some trees. You can be a huge part of the change in the world no matter what.

Intend stronger. I share a whole lot of the proof of the power of intention (have you seen THIS yet?) because I believe it’s culturally normal to downplay how powerful we are… since… can you imagine that, with the intention of so many millions of people united for the good of love, darkness could never even perceive to ever have sway over us?! So, harness that power of intention.  

How to have stronger intention is super-personal, but I have found that intention works best (as does intuition) in clear space that’s free of obstacles, blocks and clutter.

In fact, in the face of the darkness that’s been rising up in the world, my intention to help you all to clear space like never before has been raised to such great heights that it’s somewhat vibrating in my body. We all need to clear as much space as we can to make things lighter.

We all need to bring in the light to make the forces that are less unifying fade away. More light will bring more ease to the things that feel like a battle. More light will take the confusion out of things that should not be so confusing. The light includes us all equally. And it’s equally available to all of us.

Let’s do this! Bring in the light!

xoxo Dana

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