Why Isn’t Life Matching Up To All Your Personal Growth & Self-Improvement?

Nov 12, 2016 | Creativity

adjusting to the new world as a baby chick

If there’s one confusing thing that stops people on a path to personal growth dead in their tracks, it’s that life isn’t matching up to all the growth that’s happening.

Weren’t you supposed to have unlimited money, incredible soulmate love and perfect health after all the work you did?!

You’re like a baby chick,  very fresh and fluffy and curious and yet… a little bewildered, not quite sure what’s going on.

You’ve meditated, you’ve done yoga, you’ve made vision boards and manifesting rituals, you’ve been happier and you’re feeling even healthier… but everything feels the same on the outside.    Or weirder still, you start to see problems, obstacles and challenges that didn’t appear before.

Don’t let it pull you backward, thinking that all this happiness and all these changes were all for nothing.  Don’t let it drive you to quit.

Instead, you might want to change your space and change the way you connect and interact with your space…and, you’ll see the magic unfold!

freshly hatched baby chicks

Now that you’ve hatched a new you… what do you do?!

You did the inner work, now…allow the outer work as well. 

What happens when you have a breakthrough or really hit a new level of awareness- or I can say it’s what happens to me and thousands of people I’ve helped- is that life no longer fits the same. You’re in a new awareness field. Clothes even don’t look or feel the same. Uncomfortable awareness of what’s wrong floats to the surface. You’ll see where you’ve turned a blind eye and you’ll be prompted to change it.

Allow things to upgrade. Upgrade them! I have had more computer confusions and technical difficulties in the last month than I’ve had in 6 years. Why? I have turned a blind eye to upgrading, expanding, and really maximizing my own technical needs because everything seemed to be working until… I wanted to do so much more and was getting stopped in my tracks!

You might see the same in your home. Suddenly, when you want room to meditate or do yoga, you realize how little clear space you have.
If you are looking to set up a home office you might realize how ill equipped you are with lighting or wiring or organization.

All of those things feel frustrating, annoying and like a giant obstacle. I know. They are like the world dealing you a hand of limitations and you might think it’s better to just quit.

Instead… upgrade the outside!!!

This is why changing space is so vital. It’s why I’m always switching things around in my home, space clearing (that sage burning and cleaning and clearing) in new ways (I’m sharing my basic routine HERE very soon!) and helping the outside to catch up to the inside.

yoko ono official

(yoko ono)

Team Effort is Real.

We create life together. You may have changed… but everyone else is on their own trajectory. You can’t force change- ever- but you can certainly accept people for where they are at and not judge, push-against or condemn people who hold different views from you.

You can love them, accept them… and what you might find is that you will, without doing anything, inspire many of them to dig into their own lives and make changes. You may temporarily outgrow some people. Or, you may actually find yourself gravitating toward more new people. Trust that it’s all OK and there’s less drama and friction.

If you’ve just done a lot of self-growth, you can find a way to communicate and accept and explain to people around you all your new ways of working in the world… and you can accept their reactions as well.

I see this in my immersion Camps when one partner in a relationship takes big leaps ahead and they find that the other partner is resistant. Many people get so scared to lose love that they want to stop growing and stop being happy and stop clearing space and creating their dreams. Don’t let that be you! I’ve only seen this work out beautifully in the end, even if it takes time and patience to get there!

Make the room to grow.  

Here’s where the vital importance of letting go and releasing comes in.

Every time I come back from Japan where I spend 5 days in deep practice of my own personal spirituality, transforming karma at the base of Mt. Fuji, everything negative or confusing or extra that’s overstayed it’s welcome gets released very easily.

I’ve had to teach myself to do that without a Japan trip, when too much piles up and everything feels overwhelming.

Clearing your clutter is vital. As you grow, you’ll see even more stuff emerge that didn’t look like clutter now revealing itself… and standing out like a neon sign.

Let it all go.

Make the physical room to grow and you’ll be able to better keep up with all the changes and you’ll start to feel “right” again. You’ll see that change you were hoping for more rapidly coming into life. This is the excitement of creating space.

xoxo Dana

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