The Awesome Power Of Putting The Things You Love First In Life!

Nov 24, 2016 | Prosperity


Gratitude lists are one thing – and a great thing- but a lifestyle of gratitude is the ultimate goal.

Daring to live in ways that honor all that you love, immersing yourself in the ideas, places and learning that you love, build a kind of magnetism and manifestation quality that is indescribably beautiful.

My eyes opened recently to a powerful example of this: immersed in my Buddhist practice with so many people I love in Japan in a small village in the countryside I found a tiny village shop- a tiny cube- that featured a wooden box filled with my favorite succulents, exotic raw honey, persimmons, deep green organic greens and my favorite tea.   It’s like my Instagram account came to life in the most unexplainable way!  It wasn’t that I manifested the shop, but in some ways it felt that magical to stumble upon such a brilliant mirror of myself way out near Mt. Fuji.


I’ve noticed that these synchronicities pile up when you’re swimming in what you love in actions every day.

It happens easiest when you put what and who you love first.  Every day. All the time.

A small shift in your schedule can reflect your new priorities and turn your life to something enchanted! 

Gratitude in Action is Everything 

The scientifically studied benefits of gratitude – from more happiness to more health to more wealth- multiply exponentially when you live with this reverance for what’s most important, dear, sacred and truly magical as the pace of your daily actions.

Set the pace for every day in action. 

Welcome to me in Japan after two dayso, about to head to a 2:30am Buddhist ceremony of the highest magnitude in my life, after 5 days of not sleeping that much and…. putting what is truly most important in my life first.

dana claudat

For any time I slip in my own practice of putting my most vital things as the first actions in my day, I will reference this makeup-free, unedited, ultra-happy picture and remember that THIS is what happens when I put the important things first!

What can you start to put first, as the first thing you do in the morning every day?  What sets you on the right path?  Writing in a journal, meditation, running, yoga, a long dog walk, affirmations, spiritual practice…? Whatever you find is your pace-setting stuff that you love so much but don’t always “get” to do every day can be the first things you do.

I do this at 5:45 am now everyday, put my self and my loves first.  I have surfer friends who get up at 4am and drive out to the Rockaways from Brooklyn to surf before a full day of work.  Others do their writing before their kids wake up.  I know that there’s always time to be made!

Let yourself put what you love first.

dana claudat feng shui

Shop less and shop selectively. 

After my own first big de-clutter, and after hosting many seasons of the Catalyst Camp home and life de-clutter,  I found my desire for shopping extremely selective.  Meaning… I don’t really shop much any more, and when I do, it’s very much more of a curated affair.  

I look for farmer’s markets to get my greens in place of big shops, I really envision pieces that will fill out and expand my wardrobe rather than just accumulating more and more…

If you pull back next time you have an impulse to buy more things just for the sake of buying them and ask yourself if they help you to advance in life, live with more comfort or focus, or simply satisfy a feeling that you need to be more full inside because you haven’t been able yet to put the truly important things first?!  

Big question, and this honest answer can be your greatest catalyst. 

In a few years I went from shopping up storms to collecting the best things in ways that are exciting and artful, barely spending money but spending on what’s truly important.

This idea alone can be a total life and energy revolution!

local honey in japan

Continually clear and clear.  

Clear away everything, gradually and completely, that doesn’t reflect your priorities, values and truly contribute to making your world a better place.

This is a big deal.

Clutter isn’t just “stuff”, it’s also habits, obligations, distorted viewpoints, negative mental programming and other “stuff” that gets in the way of your ability to actualize your highest version of you in your life!


Clearing life can be as easy as removing distractions.  For me, coming home from Japan, I’m done reading extreme amounts of politcal “news” or social media opinions on the news, I’m done with putting the most important things in my life for later in the day and I’m through with too much noise or rushing.

All of this in in the serve of alignment.

When you are in line with what you desire, it comes to you.  It appears.  Or, you see it for the first time and realize it was there all the while.  Like that shop full of my favorite things hanging out on a tiny street in the middle of the Japanese countryside.  The magic is waiting for you!

Live in that love, and feel that gratitude in action.

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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