Why It Can Be So Hard To Break A Habit Of Stress… And How To Do It Anyway!

Nov 28, 2016 | Prosperity

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Is it your habit to get stressed… to “need” pressure… or even to “crave” drama in a strange and paradoxical way? It’s like a rush, a familiar motivation, a cycle that- in a strange way- we think serves us sometimes.

Don’t feel bad if you realize you do this.

You’re not alone.

I’ve done it, sometimes I still do it and most everyone I know has come up against this bizarre paradox: we want peace but somehow stress is looped in with the idea of success.   Gotta do the ‘no pain, no gain’ or the ‘suffer for beauty’ or the ‘crazy busy’ or the other wild ways we’ve come to celebrate stress as noble and valiant.

It’s not.  Stress can make you sick, it can cost you hard earned cash, it can shut down your brilliance, rapidly age your body and it can erode the love in your life.

That doesn’t sound too successful, does it?!

It can be hard to break the stress habit once it begins because our brains get WIRED to feel these emotions and concepts together: stress = stress hormones= work like crazy= get things done= feel exhausted = more stress, etc, etc.  It all gets looped together as a habit… and you can break that habit right now!

Here are a few proven ideas that can help you to allow yourself to relax and be successful all at the same time:

Pressure makes performance suffer. (!!!)  Rushing and self-criticism aren’t good friends with productivity.  HERE is so much more about this, it’s just incredible how much pressure robs from you. 

Creativity opens up when our body and mind opens up.  Stress is the opposite of creativity.  Those frantic people you see trying to get art made are likely not making much art.

Meditation can rewire your brain in 10 minutes a day.  There are hundreds of ways to meditate and the easiest one I know is to sit up straight close my eyes and breathe deeply for a long time until my body feels good.


Stress debilitates your body with hormones and chemicals that pull you out of present time.  There is so much research on this I don’t know where to begin, but the bit on cortisol above, a killer stress hormone, is a place to start.

Your heart is 5,000 X more magnetic in its measured field of energy than your brain, so feeling good is way more “magnetic” and has a way greater impact on the world in every way than feeling stressed. HERE is so much more on the actual science of Heartmath and how it can change our lives to take a few minutes to connect to our hearts.

So, if you are in a stress feedback loop, take a moment and pull back from the situation before it takes you over, and see if you can’t breathe through the temptation to get scrambled up in confusion.  Often it’s a few quiet minutes that can help switch gears and move us back to the energy flow of “least resistance.”

And… if you find yourself “addicted” to stress in certain ways, chances are it’s manifested in your home as clutter.  Old stuff that’s squirreled away, big piles of un-tended paperwork, ignored yet very important things on the to-do list, broken things with no time to repair them… stuffed closets, indecision, crazy-busy and unproductive life… an inability to enjoy free time… and… so much more that you don’t need.

Luckily, you can disengage at any time!

Clear space for the new!!!

Allow the pace of peace to rule your days!

xoxo Dana

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