5 Feng Shui Ways To Overcome Everyday Obstacles & Stay In Flow

Nov 30, 2016 | Creativity

There are impossible awesome ways that life falls into place when you’re in flow, and then there are… obstacles.  I don’t even know if we should call them obstacles as they are sort of a natural process of things rather than barriers that are thrown up like roadblocks, but… obstacles are the best ways I know to describe the things that pop up that seem to threaten to pull you off your course as you’re making progress.

These things– the chaos things–  are signs that you’re making— progress!!!!

They aren’t bad.  In fact… they’re a good sign.

When you’re moving forward, everything gets re-calibrated.  Your awareness gets higher and your eyes much sharper.  Suddenly you’ll see things you didn’t see before. Stuff comes to the surface to be cleared away.

Have you ever started eating healthier or started a new fitness thing (for me this happens with hot yoga) and you find yourself feeling awesome… and then terrible, achey and miserable? That’s part of the readjustment.  It’s all a part of clearing things and moving life up, up, up.

How do you stay in flow when you’re feeling like steps forward are bringing you chaos instead of the peace you were promised for making all these positive decisions?  Today’s feng shui is all about overcoming resistance and flowing in life no matter what is happening!

Feeling a little of the chaos popping up as you try to organize, or problems leaping out as you decide to get things together?  I am typing right now on a borrowed computer as mine has sat in days of upgrading, following days of phone upgrading and days of organizational upgrading.  For a minute in all of this… I fully flipped out.  More like an hour.  Pure meltdown.  It happens to all of us!  Then… I started doing what I’ve done to get through crisis times big and small in much more flow:

1. Stop everything and handle what needs to be handled. I wasn’t thrilled to not have a blog yesterday, but we all lived through it as I started really necessary upgrades.  Multitasking doesn’t work very well, so the more you can truly focus and fix what’s popped up with whatever actions are needed, the faster you’ll sweep the stuck stuff out of the way.

2. Recognize your resistance to (even positive) change.  There’s this emotional pull toward what we are “used to”… and that pull toward what we feel is normal can cause tons of energetic discord.

We get used to disorganization, faulty technology, limiting ideas, toxic relationships… and then, when they’re finally ready to go… and we let them go… we can suddenly feel amnesia toward all the problems and struggles we’ve had and miss the things we had that were weighing us down quite terribly.

Resistance to change is normal.  And it’s ok to feel uneasy when things are changing fast, even when they’re changing for the better!

If you feel resistant, try some stretching or easy yoga every day.  A flexible body lends itself to a more flexible mind.  

3. Forcing doesn’t work. No it doesn’t.  Yelling doesn’t get you a faster appointment.  Flipping out won’t help a cold heal faster.  Staying up for days on end isn’t the work that you’ll thrive with.  If you’re in force, you’re down low on the scale of emotions. Force is where things get backward.  Plus, when you force things, you experience force right back.  It’s where things become harder.  It’s where things fail.

If you’re forcing anything, try walking away for a while and see how that goes for you.  

4. Believe in divine timing.  It’s a hard one when you were expecting things to go one specific way in your mind… but divine timing is real.  I think back to when things didn’t work out on my time schedule and I realize that if they had… I wouldn’t have had so many of the best experiences of my life (including the ones I’m having right now)… so relax about timing if you can.

If you feel time isn’t on your side, create more time! Meditation helps immensely.  A walk every day, or ten minutes of simple closed eyes and breathing can help you stay centered in the now rather than not matching up with your time schedule.  

5. Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions and benefits.  If you want people to commiserate, you will find many.  While there are lots of positive reasons to confront and release problems by talking them through, make sure that’s why you’re talking about them… not just to get heard.

There’s this energy principle proven by science: what you focus on will grow.  Make sure that your focus is on solutions!!!

Here are a few feng shui ways to flow through times where the chaos bubbles up: 

  • Drink more water. It will keep you in flow.  Baths also help immensely, as do showers.
  • Rest more.  I know it sounds like a paradox, but when you’re in chaos, more rest can help things smooth out and sort out. Your brain and body and all your energy systems repair and reboot themselves in rest.
  • Clear more clutter.  Alas, this is what you’ll find me doing when things get stirred up– recycling, composting, donating, polishing, clearing space.  Light a candle, take a deep breath and start clearing even more thing that can help you feel lighter in your life!

This idea of clearing has huge implications and will spark a life revolution!

Clear space for the new!!!

Every year, the Catalyst Camp guides groups of people through the clearing, cleaning, organizing, dumping, sorting… and flowing past obstacles as they get swept aside.  It’s not just homes that change, it’s families, it’s lifestyles, it’s businesses, it’s friendships and relationships… all open up and become clear as you let go of what you don’t need any more and integrate your life on a new level.

I know so much so viscerally about this process because I’ve seen and heard and watched thousands of lives change in the past years as the clearing unfolds…!

When the chaos pops up, we all flow through it together.  And new order- plus opportunity and peace-  always emerges!

The Catalyst Camp is coming for the New Year to open up your life to the new like never before! You can sign up HERE to start the free 3-video series & revolutionize your clutter clearing.

Allow the pace of peace to rule your days!

xoxo Dana


  1. Jon

    Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed to hear today.


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