The Transformative Power Of Spreading Kindness Everywhere!

Dec 1, 2016 | Creativity

the power of kindness from The Tao of Dana

I am still floating from this magnificent gesture of kindness.

I’ve shared it almost everywhere, but I needed to make sure it hit the blog today so it would be shared in the broadest way possible.

These gloves changed my life.

the power of kindness

I was freezing cold and sort of stuck in the Apple Store Genius Bar for already 3 hours with two more left if I was lucky.  They run the air conditioning for some reason (???) in the winter, and I was going numb watching my computer files slowly get restored.

This is not a big problem compared to very big problems in the world, so I refrained from complaining, but when I asked a Genius if I could step outside to get warm or get food, he said NO.  I understood why, but I almost cried.  “Feel my hands, I am frozen” was all I could say then I sat down quietly in a chilly meditation.

A student saw me sitting there and started to chat.  He was super-sweet and had a similar problem to mine and it was a nice break from watching the computer download screen.

He left, and thirty minutes later came back into the store with a bag from the Gap that contained these magical striped gloves that are totally my style.   I was in utter shock.  The whole floor of the store that saw this was in shock.  I couldn’t thank him enough, and he took off too fast to get his contact info… but… needeless to say… I am so grateful and so moved by this act of kindness I will never forget it.

And even more grateful that I had to be cold, catch a bit of a cold and spend half the day in this store to get the biggest lesson of the year: kindness is everything!!!

Not only did these gloves save me, two lovely tourists walked me all the way home in the dark because I was carrying my computer in my hands.

I am now holding a baton of deep kindness and generosity and I’m ready to pay it forward.

Join me in a challenge this week?

I guarantee you can make someone feel as great as I still feel a day later, totally transformed by kindness. It doesn’t take much time or money.  It just takes willingness to show up and give.

Are you ready for some kindness?   Let’s see if we can pack a week with glitter and joy flying everywhere!

Buy someone’s groceries.  

Open the door for people with full hands. 

Send someone a lovely note. 

Step in and help when it’s needed. 

Gift someone flowers just because. 

See strangers as your best friends- smile and have real conversations everywhere you go. 

Make this the theme of the next few days.  I’m already addicted.  I have been doing it all day and I never want to stop finding opportunities to try to make people’s day as much as I can.

There are too many examples online and in life of lack of kindness and the unfair and backward things happening.

Filling the space with more kindness will help- I strongly believe, on the energy plane- to flip the backward things straight and start elevating the life in awesome ways every day.

We really can live in love. It inspires major change and makes life zoom forward!!!




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