Are You Focusing On The Good?

Dec 5, 2016 | Prosperity

focus on the good

If you’re focused on the good, you’ll get more good.  If you want to sit and ruminate in what’s wrong, you’ll get more of the wrong.

It’s so simple, but we all can easily slide into the focus that isn’t helpful.

Let’s focus in on the good right now!

What’s wrong right now?

Close your eyes and sit for a few minutes and imagine it’s all solved.  Yes.  Just imagine it clearly.

THIS exercise can help you to shift gears right now.

Refreshing, right?

Now, get into solutions and let them be your focus.

You can’t do anything about anyone else but yourself, so how can you get into your best self and do the best things for you right now?

Make a list of every single thing you can do to solve your problem.

Pick one.

Start now and don’t stop doing until you’re feeling the balance tip toward the good.

Then keep going.

We need to refocus ourselves on what we’re creating every single day. Wandering into what’s wrong isn’t going to make things right, despite the people around you complaining.

One more quick note: stop talking about problems.

Instead, stay quiet, don’t join in the conversation, and keep on creating solutions.

Here’s a little classic “Abraham” and “Law of Attraction” on your incredible positive focus:

“There always is a better feeling choice no matter what’s going on…”

That’s a big deal!!!

It’s simple to focus on the good if you’ll allow yourself to break out of that spiraling pattern of talking about what’s wrong and start focusing on what feels good.

I know, you might feel weird making this shift because, well, it’s so normal to hear problems everywhere being chatted about and commiserated with.  And I’m not talking about big real problems, all of us need help at times.   I’m talking about the problems that are created and grown by complaining, and that’s not for you or for me!

You can choose to focus on your solutions.  You can choose friends that focus on their solutions.  You can lift the energy so high that these things get solved easily.

Choose the good. There’s real magic in this focus.

What you choose to focus on is what you’ll be making every day, so make it spectacular… even if life isn’t matching up just yet!  Keep on your track and life will start shifting to the new!

xoxo Dana

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