Ten Feng Shui Ways To Turn A Dream Into A Reality!

Dec 5, 2016 | Creativity

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There’s a whole lot you can read about “manifestation.” In the very simplest sense, manifestation is deciding to create what you want right now… and then… creating it.

If you can’t actually create that thing you want right now in full, you can most certainly set the stage for it and work toward it step-by-step right now.

So, manifestation is actually the simple part.

The more sticky, tricky part that makes “manifestation” work for some and not for all (even though it’s really just a natural process) is allowing yourself to move from Point A (the idea, vision, dream) to Point B (the actions, having or receiving). I know it’s been my hardest part. It’s in the space between Points A & B that all kinds of obstacles, distortions, bad habits, non-useful ideas and other clutter can get in the way.

Today, some simple energy principles can help you to see where you might be getting stuck on the road to what you want… and once you see why things are getting slowed down, frustrated or abandoned, you can clear that path, right now!  you can make every single ome of your dreams come true I’m deep in visioning mode right now. Wish lists streaming, dreams being painted in words and images and actual paint, mind maps bubbling, and lots of action in the making of a whole new paradigm for a whole new year.

Every single one of us can make anything we want to experience, and we can all do it starting right now.

See the energy everywhere that you can work with daily. When you see how many tools and resources you have at your disposal to work with, create with and, yes, “manifest” with, you’ll have an expanded awareness of just how much you can do right now to make a change and bring more energy to the places you want it to flow.

Here are just some of the tools you can work with that you may not see readily as creative tools- color can boost your mood, scents like sandalwood (incense is great!) can be grounding, awesome people can be energetic necessities to create with, music is vibrant energy, drinking more water can enhance your intuition… and that’s just the start.  The Sensory Goodness tab of the blog has thousands of ideas to see the energy you can create with daily in so many fresh ways!

Everything is created every day… by you. One of the biggest ideas in seeing yourself as the designer of your life is that life is not just “happening” to you, it’s being created and processed by you every day. The more you can see yourself as the creator of life from your own unique viewpoint, the more you can craft life in fun ways.

Practice actively deciding every day what things you’d like to create, make and experience. Do it before you leave your bed in the morning. See how this creative exercise influences your life!

Yin and Yang are both important!  It’s just as important to relax as it is to be active. I would never tell anyone to temper their ambitions but I tell people often to expand their appreciation for relaxation and rest. It’s so vital to making things happen.

Doubt, negativity and anger tear down what you create. If you get too mixed up in your head, you’ll find yourself making things unconsciously that you consciously don’t want to experience. If you feel doubt about what’s possible, let yourself feel it fully until you can 100% release it. Don’t fight against doubt (it will fight back!) but, instead, lean into it and let it run its course. Keep on creating, working with energy and creating flow DESPITE the doubt. The doubt will fade away as you get deeper into your process of making things!

feng shui elements

Everything goes through a process like the five elements of feng shui.  Even in feng shui, everything is created as a process.  The cycle goes something like this:

New Ideas are born (Water phase) – Creative Action starts to play with these ideas and turn them into something tangible (Wood phase) – Ramped up plans and actions with focus start once certain ideas show promise (Fire phase)- Things start getting created and done! (Earth phase)- Ideas and products get refined and polished (Metal phase)— then New Ideas come in and start the cycle all over again.

If you decide that “nothing is happening” because you are starting to create with new ideas and get frustrated that it’s not manifesting as “done” fast enough, you might abandon your dreams before they get to the Earth phase! Nature takes it’s own time, and I encourage you to avoid putting too much force and pressure on the cycle. Keep creating instead!

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Nature is your best guide. Nature is grounded, simple even in its complexity, well-organized, flexible, adaptable and full of constantly replenished energy. Let that be your guide. Spend more time in Nature and you’ll feel more of these rooted feelings.

We all need to keep learning.  We either expand or we wither. Be willing to learn something new every day, and when you’re stuck, be willing to learn all it takes to get un-stuck. Knowledge gives you more control in your creativity.

Clarity in thought creates clarity in creation. Since the early 1900’s, philosophers who encourage us to create our future encourage us to create it clearly. If you lack a clear vision of what you want, you’ll have a hard time finding it. If you don’t communicate what you want clearly, it’s hard to get it.

Example: if you need to have a certain vitamin deficiency- let’s say D3, and only one form is absorbable, from a special source, and you needed a high potency- and someone is going to get you the tablets from a store, would you say… “I just need some vitamin D?” or would you tell them all the details so you could get what you want and actually need that will specifically work for you?

I bet you’d give all the details!

Do the same when asking things of the Universe for your life and wellbeing.

The state of your home reflects the state of your life.

If you want to help anything to move from Dream to Reality, set up a space to make it happen! Look at your home now and ask yourself if it’s supporting your dreams. How can you make a simple change today to get more of that support flowing in your direction?

Flow is what makes life happen.  You need to allow flow. When energy is flowing freely, life is unlimited.

Clutter is the opposite of flow.   The more love you have for yourself in action, the less you’ll be willing to let anything sit between you and what you’d like to experience and make and share in the world.

It’s my hope that everyone feels the freedom, inspiration and possibility of a fresh new year to live with more love, abundance, peace and power. Clear space opens the flow to let that happen.

Keep on following how you feel and you will make those big dreams spring to life!

xoxo Dana

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