Are You Making Big Positive Changes And Not Seeing Big Results Yet?

Dec 6, 2016 | Prosperity

If you’ve been working on self-love and positive visions, working through emotional stuck-ness, all kinds of self-growth, chances are, you feel better.

Even if it’s baby-step-by-step better, I know that if you stick with it you’ll feel better.

Then, of course, there’s the real world issues and circumstances we want to change in life. And all of self-betterment seems to promise that with lots of self-love, higher energy, more mindfulness and calm- that there will be big improvements in all of life: tangible, real, big improvements.


This is actually true from all I’ve seen and lived.

The changes we wish for in money, love, material circumstances, jobs, wellness, fitness… they aren’t instant to appear on the surface all the time, even if they’re changing a ton beneath the surface.

Your self-growth and change won’t all show up instantly all the time.

And…you might be tempted to let go of the work you’re doing before the big stuff of life-changing goodness and opportunity and stuff that you visualize and work toward actually arrives.

I don’t want you to quit. I want you to have a clear mind, a spacious life and I want you to thrive!

Today’s feng shui is all abut the space between starting to change something and reaping all the rewards. This is that space where so many things are changing, but you might not quite see them yet… but… if you keep on moving forward, you’ll be amazed when they arrive!

Cocoons are interesting because they look totally still, dormant and pretty much stuck in one place in every way.  But if you look at the third from your right, a butterfly is about to break out of one.

We all want to be— fully-realized, actualized, glorious, graceful and divine.

But it’s the stuff that happens in the cocoon that creates the butterfly. 

If you’re getting frustrated because all of your hard work on your life in any way isn’t working fast enough, you’ll start to dismantle your progress and go against the grain of nature.  I’m not suggesting that you meditate on a hilltop for a few months until you’re ready to emerge as a butterfly… but I am suggesting… they you honor the process.

How do you know if things are working for you even though the big payoffs haven’t manifested themselves yet?

It’s really easy.

Do you feel better, focus better, have more energy or more lightness? = Things are working for you!!!

If you feel like you’re in rigorous forcing, you dread your self-betterment activities, you feel exhausted or heavy, you might want to switch up what you’re doing. 

Once you’re clear that you’re on a great path, you can add extra energy to the things that you’re doing and creating without adding force.

For example, you can add inspirational music or audio books to your treadmill walks.  You can journal your fitness progress in fun ways to make it more of an exciting game.  You can wear aromatherapy or burn incense while you do yoga.

Can you see how easy it can be to elevate things simply? 

Of course, if you’re working really hard to feel better and change life and things still feel like they’re under a glass ceiling that is hard to break… it’s time to clear some physical space.

Dump old journals. Donate outfits with bad memories attached. Let go of books you don’t need.

Keep going until you feel free again, and you’ll watch your process flow smoothly, even if it’s flowing seemingly slowly at times.

And…please don’t compare your progress to other people’s progress.  We’re all completely unique.  Looking at what other people do and the speed that they do it is not going to be helpful. It’s going to add force and confusion to your days, never mind jealously, self-denial… nothing good!!!

Just keep going, step-by-step.

Consistently, with every step you take, you’re creating a revolution.

I know this for sure because I’ve witnessed it over a thousand times up close and I’ve lived it so many times myself…!

Wherever you’re at in working toward your dreams come true, it’s exactly where you’re meant to be.

And if you honor your process, you’ll get to the end of your many rainbows!



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