The Strangest Proof That You Are On The Right Track In Life

Dec 7, 2016 | Feng Shui 101

shattering glitter lightbulb


Things blowing up as you upgrade your life is normal. And it’s awesome.

It’s also the reason a whole lot of people don’t make changes in their lives. I can say it’s why I haven’t in some ways in the past and why I waited to be forced.

Today, let’s talk about the stuff we don’t talk about a whole lot: growing pains and the scrambled moments that come from  shifting out old energies and opening up to the new.

light bulb

This past month I have been updating technology, updating routines, updating closets, updating my whole life… and the fireworks have been extraordinary. Hours of waiting, crazy phone calls, schedules turned upside down.

Why then would you bother to upgrade anything?

The blessings and rewards.

They are enormous.

Today, though, a trickier thing happened: I updated my WordPress on this blog and everything broke.  It turned out I had to deactivate the server that delivers my e-guides. Bye-Bye to my feng shui e-guides, basically.

So, after an hour punctuated by a moment of panic/suspended disbelief and many phone calls and lots of work, I restored things.

But I still need to upgrade.  I’m working on that upgrade through January until everything is shiny and new.  Now, though, I have both plan and tools to make this upgrade way more seamless and simple and, actually, the guides will look and will be better than ever.

If I don’t upgrade: things can fall apart, completely and totally.

This is true of everything.  I

laughed on the phone with my web technicians as they told me that “you have to stay current in order to be strong and functioning at your best.”

This rings true for everything.

If a relationship doesn’t stay current, it dwindles slowly until it becomes lifeless. 

If a fitness program doesn’t switch up a bit, you stay stagnant or sort of decline instead of getting stronger and more flexible.

If you eat the same foods every single day, you start missing other nutrients.

If you don’t keep learning, you start declining in connection to the world.

All of these upgrades require that we keep creating new situations that feel… weirdly new.  It’s not that you need to be in constant crisis in order to grow, but there’s a feeling of adventure, new paths, new buttons to push, new risks to take, to try, to leap.

The scariest part of shifting out the old energy is that there’s a familiar pull toward what we know.

It’s why clutter stays on certain shelves, in certain drawers, accumulating in homes in certain ways…

It’s why we don’t dare at times to donate clothes we don’t even wear that could help others so much…

It’s why we keep on repeating the same things and think that, magically, new stuff will arrive.

New things arrive when you dare to shift out the old.

And… along with that shift… there’s all kinds of monumental moments where it feels like things have blown up.

This means you’re onto something big.


Often, when my energy hits a new level of clarity, light bulbs blow out around me, even if they’re relatively new!

Have you seen this happen?

You are energy and your energy needs to be free-flowing, high, clear, positive and fresh.

You need to keep upgrading that energy to stay in the flow of the new.

Keep clearing clutter (the FREE feng shui decluttering videos start HERE!), keep making space and keep watching the old shift out along with any sparks that fly.

If you can stay calm in the sparks, you’ll find a whole new level of awesomeness waiting for you.

You can do this.   And… the more you master the art of riding out the energy shifts, the faster and more profoundly you can keep on growing!

xoxo  Dana



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