Are You Blocking The Things You Really Want?

Dec 10, 2016 | Prosperity

What a question!  Of course, I imagine, none of you think that you’re actively creating blocks to your wishes, needs and wants!  I certainly would be the first person to tell you that I am 100% open to every great thing in the world arriving at my doorstep.

But, with all the work and wishing and visualizing in the world… I realized I was actively resisting my own good stuff from coming in.

Why would we do this? How do we do this? And better question: how do you stop doing it?!

Today’s feng shui is all about letting go of the energy of resistance and opening up to real possibility that’s unlimited…!

First off, I learned this the old-fashioned way.  I actively repelled my own success in overt ways that seemed innocuous.  I did it at one point in short fashion as I went from working, doing commercials & TV hosting, to being completely out of it, 100%.

It never failed: I’d have scheduling conflicts during meetings, I’d have a “detox” program to do while I was meant to be working, I decided to leave my manager to free myself for more opportunity because I didn’t think she was doing enough but yet I was having so many opportunities arise with her, I have no idea where I came up with that?

It was a very slippery slope that led me out of one path that could have been fairly easy. And it was a path I wanted!

I mean, I would actually miss jobs, booking, meetings… because my life was full of resistance.

While I had a clear path laid out for me to have a totally different and awesome career (granted, it all worked out in the end…a decade later!) I somehow made it very difficult for success to actually reach me.

It wasn’t until I cleared my life of a whole lot of stuff that things started coming easily.

Have you done this in some way… actively (even if unconsciously) created blocks?


It is Resistance.

If I pull your arm toward me and you pull back toward you at the same time, we have resistance.

Nothing moves forward in resistance.

Resistance.  It’s actively blocking things, no matter how it manifests.  But, it always manifests in clutter.

Cluttered minds, homes, energy fields, schedules, finances… all are full of resistance.

When you’re resisting the good things, you’re actively creating an energy block.  It’s like a brick wall, actually.

Beneath resistance is usually: fear of success, feeling undeserving, believing you are meant to suffer, struggle or work harder for things to come to you, a lack of belief in your creative abilities… and, really, it’s just… clutter.

Where are you resisting the good things?   Where are the blocks that don’t seem to resolve?

Clear your mind.  Take walks every day, spend time in quiet.

Clear your space.  Deeply.  Profoundly. Clear your space of all clutter.  (The free space clearing videos are here for you right now!)

Clear your schedule.  Make sure you have the time for what you want.  Time management is a big part of the experience of de-cluttering because time is the greatest of our self-created energy blocks… or… believing we don’t have enough of it!!!

And clear away blame.  No one can make you resist anything.  We’re shown all these blocks and resistance so that we can actually grow!!!  The more you can see yourself as the creator of your life, the maker of decisions and the generator of your own energy… the more you can soar!

All of those things may feel big- especially if you have a wild schedule, a packed life, a stuffed-to-the-gills home and a lot of people you feel have created that for you— but every big mess of personal clutter you clear is like a rocket ship moving you upward and forward!

This isn’t just a one-time deal.

Keeping your life clear is a practice.

Just yesterday I rooted out an enormous bag full of shredding and recycling from products sent to me to review.   It was a pile that filled half my office, and while it served a purpose… I had to get it out of my space as soon as possible.  Today, I feel none of the resistance to creativity I felt yesterday and twice the energy I’ve had in a long time!  And everything is light and flowing.

Even your energy field can get cluttered with other people’s energies and intentions .  I always start with a nice hot salt bath and a lot of water to drink (try = a cup of sea salt in a tub and a big glass of water to drink before and after!) ; this pulls a lot of stresses away from my life!

What happens when you dump the clutter in every way: Freedom. Lightness of mind. Greater purpose.  More peace.  True openness.  A real vacuum for prosperity that you will not resist because you’ll let go of your fears and resistance as you clean and clear!

Even the smallest steps in clearing things in your way in a day- like washing your coffee cup, doing a load of laundry, making the bed- are a form of clearing and ordering your energy.

Amplify it by daring to go deep and be complete!

Let go of your resistance and let all the great things you’ve been working toward finally arrive!!!

xoxo Dana

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