My Top 7 Crystals To Magnetize A Fresh Start!

Dec 16, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

rainbow fluorite


Fresh Starts Are Everywhere!!!!  The Pantone color of 2017 is Greenery, the numerological number of 2017 is a #1 (more on this soon!) which is a Universal fresh start (!!!) and the world is looking for a real reset.

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I’m counting down to 2017 with feng shui for the best and brightest and most beautiful (and simplest) fresh starts ever, and today, here are loads of crystals to bring in the fresh vibes gorgeously!!!!

Flurorite: To start, the striped beauties above are rainbow fluorite.  When I used to make jewelry over a decade ago it was my favorite crystals to work with because it felt… perfect.  I had a wildly cluttered mind back then and I had a very hard time focusing unless I had lots of these in my tray to work with.

Coincidentally, it’s thought to be a stone of creating more order and organization.  It’s wickedly gorgeous (imagine one on your desk!?) and it’s thought to protect energy from the influences of negativity!

YES to all kinds of fluorite, and rainbow are my favorite!

quartz crystals


Quartz is the must crystal.  It helps amplify other crystal energy, it helps smooth out energy and some believe it holds wisdom and wishes.  Load up your quartz with positive intention by placing it in your hands and imagining it holding your thoughts.

I love quartz in baths and showers to add more vibrance.  I also use quartz in my purse when I need more energy!

spirit quartz from zeadsdead


Spirit Quartz: Of all colors and kinds, spirit quartz (a sort of electroplated crystal that creates the most sparkling substance I’ve ever seen) is thought to ramp up the energy of yor personal aura and your personal space.  I can feel it beaming from miles away.  Wearing one of these sparklers as your go-to necklace can help you to build a halo of magic and power and strong positive vibes buzzing around yourself!  Plus… it’s so beautiful!!!



Carnelian: The red one above, so vital for me this year… and maybe you, too.  Carnelian helps you pave new paths- or so the story goes- really motivating and supporting the new plans.   Given that I have a big plan to become the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life (it descended upon me one day, and I’m following this dreamy idea that seems pretty far from me at the moment, step-by step) I am keeping the carnelian close by to start motivated!!!

ribbon turquoise


Turquoise- Whether in ribbons or whole stones, turquoise is thought to connect us with Nature- out of our heads and into a universal connection with the Earth.  It’s a some to bring in more love, a stone to claer space by urging forgiveness and a stone that has more regal and royal lore than most any other.

opals from the colourful dot


Opals- I mean, they are, truly, out-of-this-world enchanted.  Opals are also thought to foster inner peade, heartfelt connection to one another and a stone to support you in making wishes!  Just looking at them makes me feel dreamy!!!

rose quartz mandala


Rose Quartz:  while there are many gorgeous stones in this mandala, the most steadfast for me is rose quartz.  While it’s thought of as a love stone, it’s actually more of a relaxation and “softening” stone, which is what we all need lots of in the  New Year and every year.  When we soften, we receive!

Lots of fresh energy, lots of beauty and lots of fun!!!

xoxo Dana

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