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Dec 19, 2016 | Creativity

believe in your dreams

Are you in this space of believing so much, imagining so fully, that you’re moving through each day expecting awesome things to come your way?

Sometimes we have great ideas- things that sound good, that seem reasonable, that we hope for- and that hope is sort of a wish rather than a fully imagined, sensory-rich, stunningly exciting vision.

Imagining is a full-body, full-energy experience.  It’s not just your mind- it’s every sense.

When you played with toys as a kid, say Legos, did you sit and look at them and wish that they could become something… or did you dive in and start building Lego planes and houses for your Lego people to live in? Did you look at your dolls or action figures and hope and wonder about them… or did you build a world of action for them and bring them to life, living the experience fully?

We knew how to actively imagine as kids in a way that was practical magic.

It worked.

It still works now!

Today’s feng shui is all about imagining so fully, believing so completely and living richly in your dreams, right now.


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Here are some of the reasons I hear frequently – and live often!- that hold the magic of life in chains.

It’s too scary to dream too big because it’s too heartbreaking to be disappointed.

It hurts too much to screw up in love so it’s better to live without it.

My life is too low right now to imagine too much greatness, it might shatter me to see how far I’ve fallen.

Nothing comes easy so I’m kidding myself to think that I can envision things the way I want them.

Each and every one of those statements is very true for the person saying them.

If this is what you believe— that you’ll fail, that love hurts, that you aren’t good enough or that things should be hard— that’s very true and I honor that and have learned better than to try to convince you or anyone else that it can be brighter and easier.

I couldn’t stop some of the people I’ve loved the most from holding on very tight to these ideas and fears and traumas and self-denials, and I suffered greatly from trying to force it.


These statements are also true:

Life can be easy.

What you focus on will grow.

Love can expand your life.

There is no race or competition.

Dreaming big and expecting more greatness brings it in! 

Many disciplines of science also agree with the above.

Today, let’s imagine with so much full-body engagement, so much fun, so much sentiment, so much depth that life starts to mold itself around all of our very full-color dreams!

Imagine what you really want deeply, not what is “realistic.”

if you can imagine it, it can be real

You determine what is realistic!

I just went through a Secret Pinterest board I made of my dreams for 2015 and realized that I was so shooting for the stars that it took two years for some to come true, but they all did!

I’ve looked back on other years where I put down what was reasonable, sensible and “who knows, maybe if I stick it here it can happen.”  Very little to nothing occurred that I put on that board of dreams.  10 years ago, even 5 years ago, I was more “averse to disappointment.”  That thinking does nothing too magical!

As I pull together my Secret Pinterest board of 2017 I am going straight to the moon with my visions.  Only things that are thrilling, only things that have my senses stirred up, only things that immediately get my whole body engaged.

Weak dreams will wake you up as much as watered down coffee.  Be strong and feel all that energy!!!

Play with these ideas in action.  While I love taking time every day to run through my visions for the year and imagine them all as here (who doesn’t love that!?), what’s been even greater in impact is taking these dreams and seeing them while I’m fully, physically engaged.

Meaning: I go for a long walk and imagine a project completed, I go hiking and visualize things I want to have accomplished as done,  doing the dishes daydreaming about travel, painting and doodling while picturing conversations I want to have…

When you put these imaginings into action, different parts of your brain are lit, different circuits fire together and in whole new ways you’ll integrate all this excitement into the core of your being, easily and awesomely!

Make the space for things to manifest.  We all need to make massive space in our lives to make massive dreams come true.  This isn’t additional- this is vital.

This is also a practice.

We pick up new stuff we don’t need every day, even as we clean and clear clutter.

Make more space deeply and as a daily practice.

Space in your mind— meditating, napping, free of entanglements and toxic thoughts.

Space in your digital life— so you aren’t in constant chaos and meltdowns.

Space in your heart— full of love and free of dramatic, toxic, soul-sucking relationships.

Space in your schedule— so that you come first.

Space in your closets— for the clothes you actually want to wear instead of the rest!

Space in your whole home—and life— will keep your imagination and belief and excitement at 100%!  It will keep the doors open to opportunity.

Clearing space is giving yourself permission to have great things!

Imagine big, integrate all you imagine into your life, and keep making space for everything to flood in.





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