What’s The Secret To Having Life All Figured Out?

Dec 20, 2016 | Prosperity

I get asked this all the time in so many ways and in the last few days I’ve heard it so many times.

Let’s start here: there’s no way to figure out all of life.

I mean, I have never found one, I’ve experienced and know many of the “thought leaders” of the generation and they’ve not found one way to figure out all of life…. and even ancient magical civilizations that innovated in ways that defy all explanation didn’t find one single way to figure everything out 100%.

If you’re willing to let that one go, suddenly you won’t feel that everyone has a secret that you are missing.

They don’t!

There are people who seem to flow with life with far more ease than others, even through adversity, and they seem to come out on top when they’re challenged.

Today’s Feng Shui and energy shifting is all about finding that flow and ease, making it a big part of your every day!

Practice what brings you energy. 

Some people practice things that work for them. They’re accustomed to success because they’ve tried things and found things that bring more of it, and they are very religious about keeping those things in their lives.

It’s totally personal. I have friends who swear by affirmations and meditations, but for me, it isn’t the thing. I know people who thrive with a scheduled life and others who like to make their to-do list happen organically… both groups are super-successful.

You won’t find those things – the exercises, the routines, the habits- unless you experiment and see what feels good and brings more energy and flow to your life.

Try this to start: Think back to times where you felt like everything was flowing smoothly for you. What did you do? That’s part of what you can start to practice…daily! Add to your practices as needed to bring your energy higher.

You don’t need a reason to be happy.

Happiness is scientifically proven to be the energy of vibrant, flowing success. The success doesn’t need to come BEFORE you can be happy. You can just be happy, now.  Happiness is also scientifically proven to be a choice.

There’s a reason I added an entire  Joy Immersion 30-Day course to the family of DIY Feng Shui: we all need to flood our lives with as much joy as possible to re-wire our brains, re-vamp our habits and stay in the soaring space of flow!!!

Today:  Take a break and do something simple that makes you super-happy that you haven’t had the time to do.  Whether it’s a video game or an extra walk with your dog, doodling , a bubble bath or anything that you love… that time is a time to practice happiness.  It’s not a luxury, it’s a vital necessity!

See success all around you.

I can’t stress this enough. Everyone from famous cellular biologists like Bruce Lipton to the most revered philosophers emphasize the power of your environment to influence your life.

What you see all day is what you think about all day.

If your space is turned upside down, full of dust, cluttered or otherwise displaying what you don’t want to see… what do you think you’ll be thinking about?

How wrong things are. How stuck you are. How overwhelmed you feel. How behind you are compared to people who have things figured out… and how will you ever be free?

No more of this!!!

Fresh starts start right now!

Start clearing your space and arranging things so that they are what you love to see. 

Start clearing the air so it feels full of creative electricity.

Start clearing your life so that there’s no one and nothing that can hold you back.

I’ve watched thousands of people do this home and life clearing with Feng Shui tools and… it’s a revolution. You stop comparing, overthinking, feeling drained and stuck and you start thriving, creating and soaring with every single thing that gets cleared away…!!!

Practice what brings you power.

Make the choice to be happy.

Decide to clear your home & life of clutter right now.

You won’t be wondering why some people seem to have all of life figured out because you’ll be far too busy living your dreams!!!

xoxo Dana

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